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    Welp, had this on the back burner for quite some time, Merry Christmas!
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    Whatever you may celebrate, we here at Sim-Monsters wish you happy holidays! It's been a great year for content creation and league participation, let's keep it going for 2019! <3
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    Version 2.0


    Trenton: What if we do like the worst megalodon parody? This things gets made Don't take this seriously, this is just a joke 😄 Credits: Me Blaise Trent Whoever did the tuna model SM
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    Mount Pleasant 2016 was and still is one of my favorite tracks. I actually requested it a long time ago, actually lol. I can't wait to race and freestyle on it! oh yeah also Swedesboro is cool too I guess
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    I know its simple, but its a re make of my first track, I figured id give it a try! Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    swoosh I think I've lost my mind... realism's boring anyways
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    Merry Xmas! started this long ago, might fully redo it again with more trucks and new props, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Credits: Blaise- Shock Edits, paint edits, body edits, Blender work, NB, some Textures, 4 links, shock edits, tire and rim edits Sheeeeeeeets-Original Body Micah-help here and there Original Hot Wheels 2006 Paint - Johan Semanario Original Bob and Tom Paint - Edy Beltran SM-Props
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    Version 1.0.0


    Made this for someone, so here it is for all of you. Merry Christmas. Credits: Me Klayton Mark C. HotShoe MonsterJam16' Should be .3 and .4 compatible. If there are any issues let me know below or PM me. Enjoy!
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    Neo Queretaro has been taken over by monster trucks!
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    the fish can't swim
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    suki I started this a couple weeks ago and I'm getting back to it now. The current four-wheeler guy is most likely just a placeholder as I am trying to paint over it. Big thanks to rockgod88 for the PEI truck and Dank Sinatra for the body from Wrenchead.
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    Feels good to be on summer holidays again, anywhoo These 2 trucks were part of my childhood and i always loved to drive them in mtm2 (specially at night), thought they would be cool to do in RoR... Started this in july, finally got to finish it And my favourite project i've ever done so far... (still some things to line up before its completely finished) Oh and Merry Christmas!
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    Moments after the above photo was taken
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    Your chassis color seems a little to dark of a blue, all Vaters trucks run the King Shocks (except for Overkill), and there is no Dalton Millican sticker on the body, and lastly make sure you change the sponsors from the MJ sponsors to Vaters sponsors
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    Really happy for Gavin Hill, his hard work in this game over the years really helped the industry.
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    Probably not, but they stole my map! If anything I've made has a slightest impact on the real world of Monster Jam that's cool as hell. Those do look like my transport trailers from my MJU track.... 😆

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