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  1. it's time for me to farm upvotes again grave digger 3 circa 1990
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  2. made this for @Double.D ッ
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  3. Ford unveiled the new Bronco for 2021 and all I could think about was what a new "No Problem!" would look like on it! Pretty darn cool I'd say!
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  4. Version 1.0.0


    So I've had these sitting on my computer for a while now and decided to upload them. NOTE, these track kind of suck, at least Minny 09 and Tampa 2010, they were made a long time ago and I never really thought to upload them. These were all made for Vincent's 2009-2011 tour, I had a lot of fun making them and it was a pleasure to run on them in the tour. All tracks were made with the intent of being driven from 2010, so not full speed into every jump and hitting the cars semi lightly. So don't go too fast into the cars otherwise you might bounce off them, especially on Minny 09. No improvements will be made on them as I finished working on them months ago, and have no desire to go in and fix any issues the tracks might have. For the sake of everyone I have split the tracks into four files that you can download separately. This shows my improvement in making tracks as I made Minny 09 in around July or August of 2020 and Orlando was made in December. I have gotten better since my first track and plan to get even better, I have to thank Sim-Monsters for being there for help and giving me tips on improving my work. Also don't load each track without closing rigs (such as switching from Minny 09 to Phoenix), materials were not named to the track and by color so car colors will be wrong. There is one last track from this era I am working on, which most people know, it will be out soon...
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  5. monster truck jam rally time RORMJL Arlington, TX track
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  6. The Chrome Son-Uva Digger loads the normal body instead of the SUD2016BodyChrome.mesh Overall great trucks
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  7. Is thank you even enough anymore?? I tell you what if you ever need a kidney, liver, lung, or any other organ, just hit me up with your blood type and i will make it happen for you captain scouts honor my word is my bond sir.
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