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  1. You have downloaded 50 items in 48 hours.. I would say thats a bit more than a few. Wait for the 24 hour timer to reset.
  2. @everyone As some of you might be aware there was a situation regarding a member of the site and another discord resulting in a ban leaving the community a bit confused and divided. While it is not our stance to interfere with outside matters, this was brought to my attention directly. I acted swiftly to stop the situation from progressing further without consulting anyone else within the staff. There was an unwritten rule for our staff to be hands off. I believe there was some holes in that stance and created opportunities for people of this community to act in less than acceptable ways with immunity regardless of their actions. After gathering with the team and discussing further we have decided to change the ban to a suspension for this member. While we cannot review every situation and will not police every server we will act in extreme circumstances and issue punishments on a case by case basis if proper proof and situations warrant it. Let me be clear, We Will Not Tolerate Bigotry, Hate, Discrimination, Bullying, or Harassment on our servers. This is everyone's warning going forward this includes staff. We want to promote a place where everyone can feel free to post about what we are all here for Simulation Monster Trucks....
  3. You have downloaded files today not sure what your asking on how do you download a file? You've downloaded 25 already which is the daily limit for a basic members account.
  4. Id like to thank everyone that participated in the competition there were a lot of great designs. Unfortunately we had to pick only one, and that design was by Andrew. It will fly proud at the top of every page on the forum now.
  5. Everything is working as intended, you hit the maximum downloads per day. Members get 25 files per day, 5 as a guest. Donators get unlimited
  6. Hi all, I've recently started to realize how naked the site is without having a main logo up top. We had an older one but I feel the style has become pretty dated. I would like to open up the floor to some more designs if anyone is interested. There are two primary themes for members to select Light and Night. If you design a transparent logo it could be used for both, however if you design with a background please keep in mind it needs to fit for both themes or you will need to make two separate versions for the themes. I know there is a ton of talent on this site, so if you want to get your design noticed feel free to reply to this thread with your banner/logo. You can reply directly to this thread, I think we will leave this thread open until April 30, 11:59 PM CST. You must include Sim-Monsters as the primary focus of the banner image. Sim-monsters.com is a Plus, but not required. Please avoid using copyrighted items such as branding... Example Monster Jam, Goodyear.. ETC. Please limit entries to be a maximum of 850px (W) X 175px (L). There are no limitations on how many ideas or variations you submit. There will be a small prize pack for being the winning design which I will contact you directly if you are the selected winner. As far as the winner goes, I think it will be based off of my personal preference and I will talk with some members who I feel have a good taste in design as well. This will not be a public vote as I'm not looking to turn it in to a popularity contest.
  7. I think this is actually a really well thought out response and addresses many concerns that you had. As far as some back story I purchased a premium media fire account back when we were forced to move files offsite or close our doors. The premium media fire links at the time were direct download and avoided any ads. Im not opposed to everyone migrating to google drive for hosting mods, I can look into integrating a better system for drive integration. I personally have not had any issues with clicking the wrong things on mediafire and getting any misdirects as I use plugins such as adblock plus and tampermonkey. Thank you for bringing to my attention for mediafire practices, I will see what we can do moving forward to address this concern.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for sticking around through everything. Hopefully, it will be here for a while longer to meet the community's needs. I'm still around if anyone has ideas or whatnot. I don't do help me make a truck or how to paint request..... however, if you have legit criticisms or ideas pass them along and Ill do what I can to get them implemented if feasible.
  9. You can get a 1070 for $351 right now w/o a rebate The other cards on the site work as well just happens to be the cheapest option. https://jet.com/product/Gigabyte-GeForce-GTX-1070-Windforce-OC-8gb-Gddr5-Dvi-Hdmi-3xdp/b979579e8c504f119b87289be0f4b26e Use promo code SHOP10
  10. My favorite moment was Danny leaking images of the billboard at the world finals track... which pretty much made a reason for the site to exist. X_X
  11. CPU i5 - 3570k OC to 4.5 Cooler - Corsair H100 Mobo - asus Sabertooth z77 Ram - 32 GB 1866 DDR3 gskill Case - Corsair 600T GPU - 2x^670 FTW OC'd PSU - Corsair HX 850 Mouse - Razer deathadder Chroma Monitor - 2 Asus 27", + 144hz Fans - 8 BitFenix All the way around the case Sound - Soundblaster Fatality Pro SSD - (2) 128 GB SSD's 555 write 550 read Corsair Force GT Hdd - SSHD 2Tb Headset - Siberia V's + Audio Technica m50s Its alright
  12. You can edit it, I already fixed all the existing posts.
  13. One thing this forum allows for is tagging integration, this will not only make it easier for new users to discover content, but also assist google/bing/yahoo for finding new members to attract. As some of you have noticed there is a fancy Tags options when creating a new topic. This can be used to create a tag beside your entry. Simply type in the tag that fits the post best. and select the item prefix dropdown, this lets you set a tag at the front of the topic. I would appreciate everyone's participation in making this the norm for tutorials.
  14. If you need to contact a Moderator or Admin, or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click More in the top right of the forum. A drop down will appear, click staff to view the current staff. This list will show you administrators and moderators. Note that you can report content to all staff by pressing the "Report Post" button next to the time stamp in a post.
  15. Testing good music formatting properly!!
  16. All points have been noted, I will prioritize things in order of importance. Thanks for the input, keep posting any issues you may have.
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