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  1. Version 1.0.0


    An updated version of the truck I used to run in years past. The scheme is a throwback to the second version that ran around ~2012. Big thanks to those that helped out in getting it ready. Not an open custom, please ask me first if you'd like to use it.
  2. Zach Nicholas VolticDragon#5402 Debuted: 2011 Night Strike 2020 Link: Song:
  3. Full Name: Zach Nicholas Truck (and variation if necessary): Reserve Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Discord Name: XVolticxDragonX#5402 Years in Competition: ~9
  4. Love your profile pic

  5. Zach Nicholas Twisted Dragon You have my discord already Big Mac (XVolticxDragonX#5402)
  6. Zach Nicholas XVolticxDragonX#5402 Twisted Dragon
  7. Zach Nicholas VP Mad Scientist XVolticxDragonX#5218 I would prefer to run Replica if possible.
  8. Driver: Zach Nicholas Truck: Vertigo Hometown (Optional): Greensburg, PA Download Link: Truck Song (Optional): Vertigo - U2
  9. RPM Week 8: Nashville, TN Starting Budget: $886,605 Booking Pay: +$12,000 Event Purse: +$5,300 Travel Cost: -$864 Damages: -$9,000 Points Pay: +$34,000 New Budget: $928,041 RPM Week 9: Charlotte, NC (World Finals) Starting Budget: $928,041 Booking Pay: +$12,000 Event Purse: +$5,400 Travel Cost: -$819
  10. Zach Nicholas Grave Digger The Legend My AIM doesnt work anymore, I cant find it on my computer since I uninstalled.
  11. RPM Week 7: Springfield, MO Starting Budget: $875,555 Booking Pay: $12,000 Event Purse: $3,600 Travel Cost: -$1,050 Damages: -$3,500 New Budget: $886,605
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