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  1. The last leg of The Long Game's Florida tour ends in Miami for another action-packed night of racing. Tyler Richmond won racing against Tim Smith last time in Tampa, yet only the runner-up has returned. The skies are clear and the track is slick, so nobody will be holding anything back per usual. The only question is who will end up on top this time out, with so many big names proving themselves more and more each week? Find out on this episode of TLG and stay tuned for more episodes in the future!
  2. It's a non-televised Houston show that used the same track layout.
  3. After approximately 10 million years of waiting, The Long Game is back and it's still alive! Witness the stunning conclusion to what may be the best event of the season in Tampa, Florida, where 16 trucks throw down in freestyle on a wet and muddy track. After the event we saw here in Season 1, the bar has been set high, and every driver is ready to go above and beyond. We hope you enjoy this episode of TLG and stay tuned for more episodes in the future!
  4. Just wanted to say that giving a truck pack a 2 star review because you don't like the setup it's using is extremely selfish and ridiculous. Essentially bullying him into making a separate version just for you, under the guise that nobody wants to download his trucks otherwise.
  5. View File JackM's "Open Header" (Short-Pipe Zoomies) Truck Sound Pack After many months of trial and error, I can finally say I've created an open-header sound that I think is worthy of being posted on Sim Monsters and used in Rigs of Rods. I've probably gone through 10-12 different versions of this particular exhaust sound, but I think this version turned out the best. Initially I wasn't happy with it, but after almost a dozen attempts, I think it's the best one I've gotten by far. I truly believe that these are some of the most important sounds to have in this game, considering a vast majority of monster trucks have used open-headers in their lifespan. If your truck happens to have exhaust similar to that in the picture I've included with this file, feel free to use them, but give credit where credit is due. Here's two quick examples of how the sounds are ingame. First is with V4 settings. https://streamable.com/wo3ja2 Second is with NAMT settings. https://streamable.com/0i9gp2 The trucks I sampled are Predator and Grave Digger. There may be a third, but if so, I can't remember who it was. Submitter JackMProductions Submitted 10/22/2020 Category Truck Building Items  
    It's definitely not a great track, but it's better than the tracks you've made prior to this so I can tell you're improving. Get rid of that tire mark texture though. It's bad. Would've definitely critiqued it more while you were working on it, but I figured it probably wouldn't have gone over well. Work on the curvature of your ramps.
  6. The extended demolition derby segment from Indianapolis.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Village. Open custom.
  8. Plenty of fresh faces have arrived to the RCA Dome for the fourth stop on TLG's Season 2 tour. Racing is fast and tight, promising a difficult time for all fifteen drivers. Can Trevor Amos pull out another win, or will someone fresh rise to the occasion?
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