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    Been a monster truck fan since I could remember. Was a fan of Monster Truck Madness 1 & 2. Have always been know as Blizzard in MT Gaming community.

    In 2004, I was bless by GOD to start paying tribute to Elvis Presley. In 2010 I was really bless and went full-time traveling all over US & Canada with my tribute act to Elvis.

    My official website is http://www.timdudleyeta.com/

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  1. That great you still working during all this. Yea I went from being booked 1 to 2 shows a weekend for 45 weekends out of 52. Now everything is scattered, but with my faith, and my wife by my side. We been through this with just fine. I continue to pray for everyone daily during this time...
  2. It would be awesome with ROR to do a MTM & MTM 2 Remix. I was bless to beta test those two games thanks to Yestman & KC back in the day. I still have MTM 2 Beta disk some where in a box. Keep up the great work EDY!
  3. Love the digger idea, be cool have all 30+ trucks in all Digger show. But am I only one going point out that bone design on the side of the one hill looks like "Man hood" hanging. ROFLMBO!
  4. Great job on this custom 80's style track. Anyone that knows me I huge fan of 80's monster trucks and tracks. Question you think you could do replica of 1987 Anaheim track? I have link to entire ESPN show if you need it?
  5. Great job on this track, very simple, but ton's of fun.
  6. MaxDman, What about the one year Zane with is promotional company did over & under track there. But with the rain they had change it up last minute...
  7. Hey gang, I pray everyone staying safe during this crazy time, with this virus. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing. I know my music career came to dead stop Feb. 23rd when they announce it. Praying hopefully the gigs start up again in May. (God willing)…
  8. Just one little problem in my game... In 2020 version, it loads truck under the map. Other than that everything looks great from underneath. LOL
  9. Wambo, Amazing job on BF4 if that what it is. I would love see BF4 pack of different stages of it would be cool.
  10. Leggster great paint job. I just got idea for the tailgate... "That man needs some Milk." If anyone seen the famous video you will know what that means. LOL
    First off, I want to say what great honor it was for DiggerFan to ask me if he could recreate one of my Monster Truck Madness 2. I was bless enough to be beta tester for MTM1 & MTM2 back in the day thanks mostly to KC & Yestman. I was teenager but knew a lot about computers self taught and they helped me to become Beta Tester for those two games. But that's back then. If anyone knows me I huge fan of "Yesterday" monster trucks. To me the 80's was Monster Trucks, Miami Vice and more. This track is above and beyond what I imagine it to be. If we had technology now back then, just amazing! What a great honor DiggerFan and THANK YOU! Keep up the amazing work!
  11. What is wrong with that fern? Oh jealousy is nasty thing. LOL
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