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  1. Nice to see some content that's not just 14 year old tryhards on Discord trying to "flex" because they have Dragonoid
  2. 17 years, it’s taken Jimmy 17 years but by god he’s done it
  3. Tom Herzog, driver of Midnight Rider, has sadly passed away
  4. I get the whole shrinking the field but man no Cole or Mikey in really stings, nor no Cory either.
  5. Ticketmaster has a monopoly on event tickets but since they also lobby hard for the government nothing is done
  6. Monster Jam is bringing trucks back to Arrowhead Stadium this June
  7. So this was pretty dope: Johnny Hawkins from Nothing More was at the show in San Antonio last night
  8. More new designs, this is always my favorite time of year
  9. After seeing what the venue list was for this tour my gut told me it was going to be basically Monster Nationals with a Hot Wheels name attached to it, and I was right
  10. Looking at 4:43 here (different show but same design) it's just the Bulldozer logo on the side in smaller font:
  11. So Outlaw Motorsports have a truck using the same mnemonic device as El Toro Loco using the old Taz mold... my brain hurts
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