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  1. Thanks for all the people that made it out to compete at Crazy 98. It was a blast. Overall your racing winner at Crazy 98 is Jackson Mezaros in Rage. Congrats to Jackson on his racing win.
  2. Hello everyone. I've been around the site for more than a decade. Have always competed and in some cases officiated in other leagues but never hosted anything until now. This will be a tryout event for a potential league if all things go well. TRACK LINK: FORMAT: The format for this tryout event and the potential league will be racing only on circuits and rallies (Kind of like back in MTM2). WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: -First 16 to sign up make the event, anyone after is a fill in -We are running V4 so no editing any truck files whatsoever -Event will be held Sunday September 12th, 5 pm pst/8 pm est -There will be officials monitoring their own sections of the track so to make sure no one is cheating -Drivers Meeting will be 15 mins before the event starts to go over rules -This is a racing only event Racing: -The event will be a 16 truck field -4 trucks will face against each other per race -Top 2 of each race moves on to the next round -1st place in each race will be in the front half of the starting grid next round, 2nd place in the back -This will be a randomized bracket -Each race is 5 laps, one joker required (The jump in the middle of the track) -2 minute clock to get into game, if you don't make it then the first fill-in will take your spot Points: 8 - Overall Winner 7 - Finals Runner Up 6 - 3rd place in finals 5 - Last place in finals 4 - 3rd place in semis 3 - Last place in semis 2 - 3rd place in first round 1 - Last place in first round Important: -Make sure you have the anticheat turned on -Since this is a tryout event and Danny Mackey is overseeing everything, we will be using his server to record times and checking setups which we will discuss in the drivers meeting Other than that, signups are open and I'll see you all on the 12th. Event Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Rhcf-um_FoaLkHJ5LO3orj_ZMIsJueGLaX3PIkVqhLQ/edit#gid=0
  3. Name: Tyler May Truck: Poison Link: Discord: Tylinater#7336
  4. Name: Tyler May Truck: Bounty Hunter Truck link: Discord :Tylinater#7336
  5. Name: Tyler May Truck: Bigfoot USA Discord: Tylinater#7336 Theme Song: Link:
  6. Name: Tyler May Truck: Avenger Truck Link: Discord: Tylinater#7336
  7. Name: Tyler May Truck: Pure Muscle Truck Link: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/ Discord: Tylinater#7336
  8. Name: Tyler May Username: Tylinater#7336 Hometown: Auburn, WA
  9. Name: Tyler May Hometown: Auburn, WA Discord: Tylinater #0734
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