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  1. Dan Sears bad habit relapse BoostedMopars #5871
  2. Long time lurker here, finally posting some stuff. Long story short. Located in CT I am involved with a pay to play monster truck experience. The current owner Tom Beck, had purchased the old nite stalker truck that belonged to Paul Winkleman out of Portland, Indiana. He renamed the truck Blue Buzzard (after owning many boats and airplanes). I (Dan Sears) got involved and helped set the truck and track up. I am also the instructor and mechanic. Its not monster jam but its definitely fun. We had swapped the engine out for something a little more practical. Based off a 454 big block chevy
  3. what am I missing that the gauge bezels and steering wheel is white? And is there any way to make the windshield less dark?
  4. I've been on and off ror for some years now. Up until last week I was still playing on .37 so I finally updated to the newest .4 and quickly realized I deleted my .37 too quick and lost my controller settings. I sat down for a good 2 hours and remapped the xbox 360 in the note pad to my ps3 controller. Anyways here's what I have setup. Should be able to copy and paste right into the xbox 360 map note pad and your good to go. As for the rear steer, go to input, below the controller maps, commands 1 and 2 are what you want to change. I'll post below the controller map. ; -------------------
  5. name: Dan Truck: son uva digger 2017/2018 link: discord: BoostedMopars #5871
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