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Community Answers

  1. My only complaint is that the upper wall beams in the pits look like they are set smooth which gives it a terrible shading effect. Otherwise great job 👍🏻
  2. 473 downloads

    Heres Toronto 2014 have fun. original creator ( RockCrwlr) Convention(trent)
  3. Just a tip...always export and test BEFORE you paint the track. Save yourself from the time and frustration from having to do redo it again.
  4. You know youve been on the site for awhile if your rep is in the negatives 😂
  5. It’s a longshot but try getting ahold of @acdcfan56. One of the best painters this site has seen, although I don’t think he does it anymore.
  6. And most detailed please 😎. Long overdue for this one
  7. Needs more shitbox, like shitty exhaust sounds, body rotted panels, 4” spacers, and flailing wrists whenever the nephson redlines his engine
  8. Don’t burn yourself out man. WF15 ended it for me
  9. I love how well that version of BKTs work on your truck. Awesome truck Zach.
  10. @Chris B Awesome. I suggest wearing the paint some more and add some wear marks that crossthread some jumps
  11. Well to be fair, that body is an old model. Can’t remember who made it, but it was around the time when we started making a turn for quality over quantity, so it’s not the best.
  12. The code I used that fixed the clipping in my wf15 is in that thread he posted.
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