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  1. Name- Andrew Sheets Truck- Gold Digger I was desperate for a ride discord sheetan22#2530 backup- barbarian
  2. Name: Andrew Truck: Rage Back-up Truck 1: Bad Company Discord: sheetan22#2530
  3. Name: Andrew Sheets Discord: sheetan22#2530 Truck: Skeledragon Theme: Link:
  4. Name: Andrew Sheets Truck: Skeledragon Discord: sheetan22#2530 Theme song: Truck Link:
  5. The texture looks outstanding. It could just be me, but it looks like the bedsides and cab are the 3rd gen dodge ram ones I made for predator. If I recall, I think Prowler always used Silverado cabs and bed sides. I'm not 100% sure tho.
  6. Name: Andrew Sheets Truck: Skeledragon Discord: sheetan22#2530 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): TBA Truck Song (Optional): TBA Year Debuted (Driving): 2011 Body Type: custom dragon skull Hometown (OPTIONAL): charlottesville, VA
  7. Andrew Sheets Wonder's Monster Loaf sheetan22#2530
  8. Name: Andrew Sheets Discord: sheetan22#2530 Truck: Skeledragon Download Link: TBA Freestyle Song (YouTube Link) Year Debuted: 2011
  9. Name: Andrew Sheets Truck (Chassis): Team Scream Discord: sheetan22#2530
  10. I need to add a few things to the truck graphic. Just a few more ideas.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    NOT AND OPEN CUSTOM, ASK BEFORE USING IN ANY LEAGUES OR FUN RUNS. Credits: Me: Custom dragon bodies, 3rd gen BKT, Robodragon and Skeledragon paints. Johan Semenario: Original red dragon paint. Me / Fernando Martinez: 540 Merlin Engine. Fernando Martinez: Axles, Axle housings, Jaz fuel cell, Fire extinguisher. Me / Nicholas Kozak: Original Racesource chassis (highly modified by me). Klayton Haylog: Rims, Optima battery, Coan transmission. Zach Steele/ Fernando Martinez: Assembly help. Zach Steele: Switch Board. Michael Murray: Cheetah Shifter. textures.com: Various textures. Apologies if I missed anything or anyone.
  12. Name: Andrew Sheets Truck: Skeledragon Download Link Discord: sheetan22#2530 Song
  13. You cannot have two versions of ror installed at once. Also, 4.8 uses new input maps, you are not suppose to edit the default input.map. We can better help you on the sim-monsters discord.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Just a quick re-skin I did of JonnyZimmer's "AmsoilShockTherapy&ExcaliberPack 1.0.0." - This truck is using the idle fix for Rigs of Rods 4.8RC5. Credits: Me: Body/SIR Tires Me/Fern: Motor and Fuel Cell Fern: Radiator/Trans Coolers Me: Paint Kozak: Chassis Steele: New ISP Seat RKM: Gauges SM Community: Other various props
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