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  1. A project I've been working on for a couple weeks.
  2. Salinas, CA (Monster Jam) 2000-2017 (missed 2003) Salinas, CA (Indy Show) 2012-2017 Las Vegas, NV 2008,2012,2013 Nashville, TN 2017, 2018, 2019 Bristol, TN 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Santa Clara, CA 2015 and 2016 Oakland, CA 2010 Atlanta, GA 2018 Gray, TN (fair show) 2017 Total Shows: 36
  3. Hey, we share the same first name!

  4. I actually just fixed the wheelbase, when I had originally built this truck a while ago I was using the node from Blaise's original pack before the huge update he did. The tires are the ones Andrew had made.
  5. First truck in a pack that I'm working on currently.
  6. Interesting look for Bounty Hunter this year.
  7. Got Black Stallion 2000 in game, Also repainted the Tires for the WF6 version.
  8. Another Truck that's been on my list for while. Doing some shock testing on it, Props soon to come
  9. Stars and Stripes El Toro Yellow Submarine Hot Wheels Clothes A BB Gun COD WWII
  10. With Alien Invasion on the backburner for now I took some time away from releasing stuff to work on improving my trucks. I also decided to compile a list of trucks I've been wanting to do for a while. I few on the list are Updates to some of my currently uploaded trucks like SUD and Terminator, I'm also reviving a couple projects like Captain's Curse and Gas Monkey Garage. Anyways here's Gas Monkey.
  11. Monster Jam Salinas-2000-2017 (missed 2003) Oakland-2010 World Finals-9,13,14 Santa Clara-2015 and 2016 Nashville-2017 Independent Salinas (Motorsports Spectacular)-2012-2017 Bristol- 2016 and 2017 Gray,TN County Fair-2017
  12. Monster Jam Atlanta- Feb. 24-25 Monster Jam Nashville-June Bristol Motorspeedway-TBA Charlotte Dirt Track-TBA and more
  13. 1.AC/DC 2.Metallica 3. Guns N Roses 4. Skillet 5. Motley Crue 6. Van Halen 7. Ozzy Osborne 9. Dropkick Murphys 10. Poison
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