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  1. DDT

    Grad Pack

    looks to be lots of tracks i loved and completely forgot about since switching over to 4.X. Looking forward to getting to run lots of these again. Thanks!!
  2. sweet thanks. Forgot about so many of these tracks
  3. If its PC compatible and you can figure out how you can create your own map for it
  4. it was just a green backflip ramp with the shipping container being green. The jumps around it i think were just a glendale thing due to the floor size.
  5. DDT

    Logitech G29

    Anyone here run a logitech G29 that could help me out or upload a keymap? i tried editing a keymap but seems like somehow all the buttons are getting mixed up. Thanks
  6. DDT


    There website says Windows only. "This game is not compatible with anything except Microsoft Windows! MacOS (Crossover/Wine/etc), GNU/Linux based OS, Playstation/Xbox/Wii consoles are not supported!"
  7. DDT


    Game isnt exactly a very pc friendly game and dont see it running very well on laptops. plus its only compatible with Windows
  8. Digger 32 looks great.and what settings are you using? I dont think my games looks that good on any version
  9. from what i have heard the contract to run the Crusher name is up this year
  10. Believe the fix is altering the texture file in just dont recall exactly.
  11. Go newer version of RoR. Early 38 version or what ever the newest 4.XX version is. It will fix the lag issue
  12. And this is in a Dekstop? looked at the specs for each and they both say notebook. Either way Specs are not that great. Dual Core 1.5ghz. Try a newer version of RoR. try like an early version of 38 so you dont run into truck issues or jump to 4.XX. I had that issue on a PC i had access to when out of state for the summer a few years ago and a newer version of RoR got rid of the lag.
  13. what processor? Graphics Card, RoR version?
  14. If you could figure something out to get something working it would give a whole new experience to the track. Would have to probably be single player only but definitely would be a lot of fun.
  15. Track looks great. Tracks like these would also be a lot of fun if one day we were able to get the smashable vans and busses again since theres working smashable cars again.
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