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  1. This is my current configuration Vsync is enabled I will try installing other versions but I'd like to know if anyone has come across with the same issue
  2. The issue has been posted previously on the RoR forums
  3. My issue? I get black flashes in the game on some of the tracks (video attached) Black flashes on RoR (VIDEO) My current operating system? I run Windows 10 Home (64bits) My computer specifications? Aditional information The issue has been detected on RoR 0.4.8 and RoR 2020.01Only happens on some of the tracks (Montreal 2010 shown on video, St Louis 2020...)
  4. Barcelona, Spain 2011 Arnhem, Netherlands 2014 Barcelona, Spain 2015 Barcelona, Spain 2016 Madrid, Spain 2017 Stockholm, Sweden 2017 Lyon, France 2018 Gothenburg, Sweden 2019
    It looks good Magnus don't listen to the haters 😂
  5. I voted for 2000's/2010's Monster Jam Track I would like to see any track from the international tours, specially Europe (we europeans/international fans always feel left out)
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