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  1. trevor amos earthshaker https://www.mediafire.com/file/3dz0kcajc1u4b9e/2019NaturalDisasterMonsterTrucks.zip/file trevor#2136
    Racing doesn't work that well, one lane's ramp is bigger than the other. The ramps are way too big.
  2. Trevor Amos Any series as long as Brandon Adam isn't on it 9 years trevor#2136 TLG Season 2 Points Champion and TLG World Finals 2 Freestyle Champion Finished 2nd in NAMT 2020 King of the Hill at KOTH: Japan
  3. Been working on this for a while now, I know the entire arena doesn't look great, nor does the outside so far but it's all just a wip still. The entire arena is a revamp of the SMRA Salt Lake City track that Dylan Bernier (I believe) made back for the league. Here's the original by Dylan Bernier (still hope he made it or ill look dumb): Thanks to @Chris B for the pad. I'm hoping for a weekend release but at this point idk im playing fortnite most of the time. i sincerely hate trevor m, alex f, hydro, and aaron lurie for making me do a 3d crowd all of you guys made me
    went like five billion feet in the air as excaliber feel like charlie pauken rn
    im going under anesthesia on the 28th so this will be my last message before my brain shuts down cool truck
    I wish there were more stars to give out
    Lots of graphical glitches, the mud is too slippery and is like driving on ice, and the water keeps waving through the floor and breaks immersion. Decent layout however
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