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    im going under anesthesia on the 28th so this will be my last message before my brain shuts down cool truck
    I wish there were more stars to give out
    Lots of graphical glitches, the mud is too slippery and is like driving on ice, and the water keeps waving through the floor and breaks immersion. Decent layout however
    how effective would this be to use in my neighborhood?
    taylor once told me i hate you trevor ive been a supporter ever since
    oh my god it has a travel tires version
    i am being forced to change this to a 5 star because of a joke i made i can no longer take this review down if anyone needs to contact me please message me on aim
    I may not know much about making trucks but these are solid great work
  1. Replay Available Now! Racing Results: Freestyle Results: Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and competed. Hope to have more special events in 2021!
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