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  1. Because big money sponsors dont care for monster jam. Supercross, Nascar, and and many other major sports have massive TV deals that bring along dedicated sponsors who will drop heaps of money on the network for money. The cost these networks can charge for ad space depends on ratings. If the ratings arent high networks will try to minimize the space they take up in order to place other programming that does better to sell more expensive ads. Thus the reason you see full supercross, indycar, nascar, or any other sporting events is because their ratings are good enough to command a large time b
  2. No driver worth their weight in salt should even remotely be affected by changing bodies in this era where all the bodies fit a standard cab. People like chad tingler, charlie pauken, pablo huffaker, and im sure plenty of other one off drivers of trucks never once had any issue putting on a show with trucks that had significant sight line issues. If they run their chassis' that they ran all year I doubt a body change would affect any of them. Did switching from a escalade body one night to a truck body affect Coty? That would be the most relevant case today with all the cab fitting bodies.
  3. Time to air out the old stuff so we an get to the new stuff. Held onto this stuff for over a year now and tired of not posting it. Part of this never finished project, never really liked anything past the first part.https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7803/...3f0ee03b_b.jpghttps://farm8.staticflickr.com/7914/...713e4c12_b.jpghttps://farm8.staticflickr.com/7848/...fa3b755c_b.jpg
  4. Damon is not and has never been the PC child friendly MJ driver. He was a racer and I think that rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way. Take a trip though any real Motorsport garage where big money is at stake and Damon would seem like an angel. Every series that has competition for million dollar contracts, sponsors, media trying to make a story, all while trying to beat other rival teams with the same expectations as yours results in super competitive personalities. Probably had good reason to trash talk Dennis' racing ability. Once he got out of his ancient PEI he and adam were the two fastes
  5. This community baptizes people by fire, its an age old tradition, we cant stop now. Ah the newbie days of asking RKM for his private mtm2 Captains Curse. I bet he'd still chew me out for asking for it to this day then promptly log off (Or as I assume block me) to wallow in my shame. 🤣 Just to keep on topic, this isnt 2005, no cars at a monster jam event is a non issue. The tracks havent relied on cars for a number of years now. And turning boxes arent anything new, and quite cheaper and easier to move than a car.
  6. Pictures from the first two races at our new venue, Larry's Performance RC.
  7. Its cool. But I think its lame they filmed him practicing in full gear in a 3rd person view. Kinda defeats the "sim" part. Either way congrats to those guys who worked hard on this. Glad to see its all worked out.
  8. If I had to guess, Logistics and $$$. Easier to carry parts that fit all the trucks on tour rather than bits or pieces for individual trucks. Makes parts interchangeable among trucks on tour. A bad example, if one truck burns through all their available 4-links in a night they could get some from the other traveling feld CRD trucks. Those arena tours are hell on trucks and having each truck be roughly the same is a huge advantage for feld. Of course everybody using the same parts means spending less to have parts stocked for a one off truck for a season.
  9. This entire show your projects thread.... You guys aren't right lmao.
  10. Couple pictures from the 2018 Showtime solid Axle shootout. Super well run race and a ton of fun to race on a new surface! To see the full album visit https://www.facebook.com/pg/StephenHopkinsPhoto/photos
  11. Kevin Harvick won at Phoenix oh wait I'm a week early.
  12. Probably run at all the outdoor events this summer I'd imagine.
  13. Not sure I'd want my escape route in the event of a fire to be a little tight but thats just me. Especially with the way the back of Hans' devices can get caught on things. The people that are worried about head room are not worried about him moving and hitting the roof, but rather the roof moving and hitting him.
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