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  1. Name: Jonathan Soto Discord: Soto#0278 Truck Name: The Black Pearl Truck Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qBMjU76ISvQEtU0FedmrVcR-ysER8Gav/view Truck Theme: Pirates - Bullets and Octane
  2. What version of ror will you be using?
  3. Correction, this is a simulator. But in all seriousness, everything always changes, I can't even find the xml converter for this version.
  4. Why does everyone keep changing to different versions of RoR?
  5. right i was new

  6. FYI put this in the "request" section before you get roasted.
  7. I did the samething but when I set everything to smooth, blender made everything except the body smooth.
  8. If what you're hoping for is World Finals XX, you'd be right
  9. I made "Air Force A-10"......look's like sh*t, should've left it alone lol
  10. I believe they use a Cohen chassis ensted of a CRD
  11. Really? I dont remember that but ok, thanks!
  12. Will we be able to use repli-customs or just straight customs?
  13. If you dont or cant make a custom truck for yourself, you can look on this site of custom trucks and if there is one you like, you can ask that person for permission to use it.
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