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  1. open a foldeer, go to documents (on the left), then rigs of rods and then mods or whatever version your on
  2. @maxdman really helped me get my textures better on my last two tracks and then i disappeared
  3. that doesnt show how to make it for .4 but follow that tutorial and then follow a how to convert to .4 tutorial. there is one somewhere around here. also i made that a long time ago so i have no idea if it still works
  4. I made a tutorial a longgggg time ago and it was everything i did to make a track at the time. i couldnt tell you if that still even works because it was the last time i ever ported something into ror. but i can tell you it wouldnt work for .4, youd have to convert it unless there is a new exporter
  5. I just dont see this going far, not that its not a good idea. With todays monster jam industry its aimed towards kids, everyone knows and accepts that. I just dont see having 3 freestyle runs enough to draw in the crowd you need to in order to profit money. People will enjoy it but not enough for it to be a business i dont think.
  6. I also kinda agree because im starting to get back into it as my 3rd year of college is super easy, but so much stuff has changed i just don't know where to begin. I have some cool ideas but just something is holding me back. There is some nice content being created on this site tho I even tried to try to create some beamng tracks and no one over there is willing to help so i tossed that idea out the water.
  7. I am going onto my third year of college and hopefully I will have some time on my hands this year but i honestly miss it. I never play, i did just build a gaming PC so i lost all minor track progress and honestly forgot everything i feel like. I was considering to get back into track making because it was a great passed time and calmed my head, they weren't the greatest but some of my later projects were getting to a good level. I have that track making tutorial where i went into good depth but i couldnt even tell you if that is even still relevant. But if it is, it is a good starting point.
  8. Havent been on here in forever but wheres a better place to keep up with the world finals
  9. I also wouldnt mind this, I use to have it on my old computer but it was sent to me, dont think it was ever uploaded anywhere
  10. -I am sorry to go back to all of this but i might as well post this here because it will get more attention. I made a nice tutorial (so I think) of how to make a track and feel free to ask any questions, ill try to get back asap as i have been really busy (reason of lack of content) -And to the subject of whoever it was stealing ramps off of New Orleans 2018 (which I made). You can use the ramps as long as I receive credit. Honestly if you take it, repaint it, and put it in a different stadium it could be any of the other 2018 tracks because they were all the same, but yea I'd jus
  11. I heard LLY is the way to go bc they upgraded the injectors. And yea i know they are expensive to replace parts but i gotta stay in the GM crew. I definitely will not be looking at 6.0s. But I might stick with a newer 5.3 because I know my way around those trucks/motors
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