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  1. open a foldeer, go to documents (on the left), then rigs of rods and then mods or whatever version your on
  2. @maxdman really helped me get my textures better on my last two tracks and then i disappeared
  3. that doesnt show how to make it for .4 but follow that tutorial and then follow a how to convert to .4 tutorial. there is one somewhere around here. also i made that a long time ago so i have no idea if it still works
  4. I made a tutorial a longgggg time ago and it was everything i did to make a track at the time. i couldnt tell you if that still even works because it was the last time i ever ported something into ror. but i can tell you it wouldnt work for .4, youd have to convert it unless there is a new exporter
  5. I just dont see this going far, not that its not a good idea. With todays monster jam industry its aimed towards kids, everyone knows and accepts that. I just dont see having 3 freestyle runs enough to draw in the crowd you need to in order to profit money. People will enjoy it but not enough for it to be a business i dont think.
  6. I also kinda agree because im starting to get back into it as my 3rd year of college is super easy, but so much stuff has changed i just don't know where to begin. I have some cool ideas but just something is holding me back. There is some nice content being created on this site tho I even tried to try to create some beamng tracks and no one over there is willing to help so i tossed that idea out the water.
  7. I am going onto my third year of college and hopefully I will have some time on my hands this year but i honestly miss it. I never play, i did just build a gaming PC so i lost all minor track progress and honestly forgot everything i feel like. I was considering to get back into track making because it was a great passed time and calmed my head, they weren't the greatest but some of my later projects were getting to a good level. I have that track making tutorial where i went into good depth but i couldnt even tell you if that is even still relevant. But if it is, it is a good starting point. I have played BeamNG a few times and really like it but RoR is always gonna be a home. I do stalk the forums about once a day still and have seen a lack of post, as far fixing that it would just be up to the people. A lot of us grew up and free time is no longer in existence. I do also stalk the BeamNG forums and their is a lack of content creators their and a bunch of kids begging for stuff just how SM started out, I do feel like SM is out of that phase as like I said most of us have been here a decade and growing up really shows. I am glad to see that their is a push to try to make people active again because I am all about it EDIT: We are pretty close to 6000 members, maybe something special for that??
  8. Havent been on here in forever but wheres a better place to keep up with the world finals
  9. I also wouldnt mind this, I use to have it on my old computer but it was sent to me, dont think it was ever uploaded anywhere
  10. -I am sorry to go back to all of this but i might as well post this here because it will get more attention. I made a nice tutorial (so I think) of how to make a track and feel free to ask any questions, ill try to get back asap as i have been really busy (reason of lack of content) -And to the subject of whoever it was stealing ramps off of New Orleans 2018 (which I made). You can use the ramps as long as I receive credit. Honestly if you take it, repaint it, and put it in a different stadium it could be any of the other 2018 tracks because they were all the same, but yea I'd just like credit. -Also to people posting weird screenshots that you have to click, might be the lazy in me but its kind of aggravating to click and wait and do all that madness. I also made a tutorial on how to post a proper image. Enjoy! - Lastly the "starting off making a replica and giving up when people give there opinions on how to make your truck/ project better and become as most realistic as possible and then making it a repli-custom because it's a lot of work" is a tad aggravating to me. I could be completely alone, but all these trucks poping up for "upvotes" actually look good for the most part just need some time and effort in to improve. If some people would stick to one project and finish as intended, it would make everything so much easier. Thank you for your time and hopefully I can start making some tracks again when college starts back up because who needs studying.
  11. I heard LLY is the way to go bc they upgraded the injectors. And yea i know they are expensive to replace parts but i gotta stay in the GM crew. I definitely will not be looking at 6.0s. But I might stick with a newer 5.3 because I know my way around those trucks/motors
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