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  1. I have created a fantasy football league for sim-monsters members. There are only 15 more spots available, and the draft is next Thursday at 7c, 8est. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/1068811/invitation?key=4084f0cbaeed5dd1&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=128584359dec1959
  2. Name- Jack MerkleTruck- Jurrasic Attack Truck Link- Backup- IdkDiscord- Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642
  3. Name (First and Last): Jack Merkle Truck: Bounty Hunter Truck Link: Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642 Theme (If using a custom truck):
  4. Name (First and last): Jack Merkle Truck: Vorian Prime Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642 Theme song: Link to truck:
  5. Name: Jack Merkle Truck: Amsoil Shock Therapy Truck Link: Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642
  6. Name: Jack Merkle Truck: Grave Digger (Tyler) Backup Truck Choice 1: Jurassic Attack Backup Truck Choice 1: Monster Energy Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642
  7. Driver: Jack Merkle Series you hope to get drafted to: Malicious Monster Truck Tour Years in competition: 9 Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642 Biggest Accomplishment in SM events (Optional): 3 - Time SSRS Winner
  8. Name: Jack Merkle Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642 Truck: Big Red Download Link: Freestyle Song (YouTube Link): Year Debuted: 2012
  9. Full Name: Jack MerkleTruck (and variation if necessary): SupermanHometown: Millington TNDiscord Name: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642Years in Competition: 8
  10. Name: Jack Merkle Truck (Chassis): Willman Discord: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642
  11. Full Name: Jack Merkle Truck (and variation if necessary): Safe-Auto Minimizer Hometown: Millington TN Discord Name: Jack Merkle JR JR JR#9642 Years in Competition: 8
  12. You need ROR version 2020
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Hot yam I did absolutely nothing on this truck. Thank you @Wambo for the body and slammin paint. Credits: Body, body paint: Wambo Chassis: @rockgod88 Shocks: @rockgod88 Rims: @RockCrwlr Sway Bars: @rockgod88 Tires: @John Dough Seat: @crazyman444 Radiator: @RKM Knuckles: @fernBurn Also credit to the man himself, Jesus H Christ, for being a real G.
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