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  1. Edy B Jurassic attack
  2. Edy

    XMT Sign Ups

    Name- Edy Beltran Truck- Predator Truck Link- Backup Truck- Bad Habit Discord- Edy#4582
  3. View File Alamodome I made this for Aaron's San Antonio 2021 track @AaronLurie made the collision mesh and the tarp and banners work One layer is the full stadium and the other is the collision mesh This only works with Blender 2.79b and up If the blend is laggy, hide the roofs beams Cool thanks Submitter Edy Submitted 08/11/2021 Category Track Building Items  
  4. He is wrong. Those car textures were originally made by Liquidfire, Roach and CaseyGraves
  5. @AaronLurie& I have been working on this
  6. making dumb quality custom trucks is my passion
  7. Sign Up Format: Name Edy Beltran Truck: Twisted Adiction Discord: Edy#4582 Truck Link:
  8. Edy

    RORSPS Sign Ups!

    Name: Edy Beltran Truck: Twisted Adiction Truck link: Discord: Edy#4582
  9. If you are planning to use that for your league i'm willing to try and model a more decent Arena Ciudad de Mexico, not like super detailed, but something way better than that. PM me here on the site and we can arrange something. In other news, i'm modeling some assets for a proyect i'm working I'm making a track from this game called monstruo camión locura 2
  10. Seems like a nice idea I really like Pokemon! I would probably change it up a little bit, maybe add a Pokemon here and there! I'll see about it
  11. If you are making Rockstar, you got the wrong body there Yes, it's a Chevy Silverado, but you are using the wrong Silverado, i would suggest researching the year and model Here's some pics As you can see, the Rockstar body has a more curved looked to it, also the wheelwels are more small and it's very squished to fit the chassis Also the back is very short I'll eventually remake that thing. Don't feel like that body turned out good
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