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  1. Not really planning on building the truck Just making the paint to see what the tablet can do
  2. getting the drawing tablet thingy was cool
  3. Name: Edy Beltran Truck: Rage Truck Link: Discord: Edy#3598
  4. Edy

    Hey all!

    Owww that's so sweet! So glad to see people from MTM2 joining! Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy it! Glad my video encouraged you to join and check stuff out! If you are interested on making or creating stuff for the game send me a message to my discord and i'll gladly help you out and send you spme usefuñl
  5. Edy

    Crazy 98


    My rendition of Monster Truck Madness 2 track, Crazy 98. I hope you have fun on this and enjoy playing on it, i recommend using the FPS version if you are playing online with friends! This was a fun project to work on. Extra credits because the credit system doesn't let me credit anyone that isn't on the site: ashes48 - Dust Particle effect & Loader Sounds LJFHutch - Tree models free3d - Blimp Model Terminal Reality - Dinosaur Model (Edited by me) Texture Heaven, cc0textures, PBR Textures - Grass, metal, dirt textures & spec maps Thanks to @4x4convoy & @CuriousMike for the support with the soundloads, particle systems and animations. Thanks to my friends @RKM @LordFrosting @AaronLurie @Torque Easy @Double.D ッ @CIDRA racer @Wambo @Mark Colineri @CMDeerfoot @Chris Hamilton who helped me test this track. AND A BIG BIG BIG thanks to @JackMProductions for all the help and references he gave me Please send any bugs/crashes you find to me on Discord FAQ 1.- You should make "X" track from MTM2 This track is the first track of my project to remake all the MTM2 tracks, that includes revamaping the ones i've done in the past 2.- How did you make the objects move/added sound/added particles? I'll eventually do tutorials on how make these when i eventually "master" the topic
  6. Full Name: Edy Beltran Truck: Rap Attack Hometown: Nowhere, Mexico Discord Name: Edy#3598 Years in Competition: 7
  7. Been up to some funny stuff I figured out how to animate stuff inside Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Madness 2 Crazy 98 King of the Hill: Japan Working on some new stadium models too: Angel Stadium Superdome Migth remake that last one due to some inacuracies on the stands and model Thanks to @AaronLurie for teaching me his stadium making techniques Also, i'm trying to figure out this heigth map funny stuff ATM
  8. Edy

    KOTH: Aztec


    After a 4 year sleep, i'm finally back. Enjoy this track, hopefully it's fun. Thanks to @CMDeerfoot for the opportunity that he gave to me, making tracks for the events that originally pulled me to Sim Monsters Very big thanks to my friends that helped me out test this track:@Mark Colineri @RKM & @LordFrosting And some amazingly big thanks to @DannyMackey and @AaronLurie for mentoring me. Feel free to use any of my animated textures i made for your tracks! UPDATE: Here is a track explanation
  9. Got some friends to test this out, currently making some changes to it, to improve it!
  10. Working on San Diego 2009 and making a new Qualcomm Stadium Model Also remaking the first Fall Madness ever ran!
  11. @DannyMackey sent me some pizza and that motivated me to make a 3D crowd for this, but apart from it, it's done Also working on this little track for my bud @Double.D ッ
  12. If anybody knows how to take high res screenshots in this ROR version, please tell me
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