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  1. Seems like a nice idea I really like Pokemon! I would probably change it up a little bit, maybe add a Pokemon here and there! I'll see about it
  2. If you are making Rockstar, you got the wrong body there Yes, it's a Chevy Silverado, but you are using the wrong Silverado, i would suggest researching the year and model Here's some pics As you can see, the Rockstar body has a more curved looked to it, also the wheelwels are more small and it's very squished to fit the chassis Also the back is very short I'll eventually remake that thing. Don't feel like that body turned out good
  3. As i told @LordFrosting, it's the body he sent me, i just edited a little bit so it could like the actual body the pezo trucks ran. On the tail area the pezo trucks sloppes down, while the body that was given to me didn't have it and would make the paint look bad, specially the cat on the back. The original one you made didn't have it I also changed the razorback, since the orginal one was very lackluster to say the least, semmed it was an import from a mesh, also the UV on it was very bad. The one i did was with the purpose of having better UV mapping for the tiger stripes to be "seamless" and let them cotinue into it, also on the actual Prowler truck it the top of it it's very close the actual roof of the cab This is what was given to me by @LordFrostingand it's what i had to work with so yeah, if the body is incorrect i would be upset since it was told to me when the paint was done Althougth i'm not closed to resking the thing if someone provides me with an accurate body, since my modeling skills are very lackluster! In other news i made a new texture for the 2nd Gen BKTs Still has some editing work to be done, but i like it! Also, if anyone could explain to me what is the changes between the 3rd and 4th Gen of BKTs i would really appriciate it, since i don't see any mayor difference between the models we have and don't know if it's worth to make a texture for the 3rd Gens
  4. New texture for 4th Gen BKT and texture for the splitrim For Prowler
  5. Name:Edy Beltran Discord Username:Edy#9701 Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico
  6. Have been working on re making NRG/Reliant stadium the past few days 2004 & 2005 Configuration 2021 configuration 2010 to 2020 configuration This last one is the most commonly used for the 2010's era There was some different configurations for 2006 to 2009 from what i know, but i think it was the same as the 2010's era.
  7. View File Del Scorcho [Body] An edit i made of Harlow's F150 to make the Del Schorco body This includes the paint and the other assets for it Enjoy! Submitter Edy Submitted 01/14/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
  8. View File Hot Wheels Firestorm Body An edit i did to Harlow's F150 body to make it look like the hot wheels firestorm body This includes the one with the extended cab and the one without the extended cab They are UV mapped Here are the bakes/templates for each of them: Submitter Edy Submitted 01/14/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
  9. View File Taz [Body] Body i made for Taz a while ago It includes skins for Taz and Tasmanian devil Feel free to make whatever edits you want Submitter Edy Submitted 01/14/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
  10. View File Willy's Body (Captain's Curse & Blacksmith) Willy's body i made a while ago It includes a template for the body inside Enjoy! Submitter Edy Submitted 01/14/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
  11. View File Batman Body (Early 2000's) Batman body and paint i made a while ago Works on Blender versions 2.79+ Feel free to make any edits to it etc. Make good use of it Submitter Edy Submitted 01/14/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
  12. No. All the trucks i make for now on will be based of the NAMT settings, sorry.
  13. 431 downloads

    Probably my favorite trucks growing up This use the NAMT settings Also this are new zoomie sounds made by me Enjoy
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