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    Meh. Could've been better for what it's worth. Main thing, the dirt texture looks like a solid color and very ligth color, it also seems you used a very poor quality texture of dirt On the videos the dirt looks very bright becuase of how VHS handled colour and it being kinda overexposed in some parts. The green on the ramps is very saturated and the chalk looks like noddles, i recommend using Photoshop's Kyle Ultimate Charcoal brush for those. I find intriguing the fact that you actually painted the shadows for the cars and that, very interesting technice for FPS kinda
    To be one of your first tracks, it's an alrigth track. Still, it looks very rushed and like not much effort was put into it. A lot of the ramps are lacking some definition, they are very flat and the dirt floor texture is meh. There's also minor details like you forgot the tarp on the curved part of the stadium, also monster jam had a red barrier there The stadium doesn't have the edgesplit modifier on it Also, would suggest not mixing the testmobile cars with the old cars that look like boxes, try modeling something. Anyways, alrigth track, could've been better Als
  1. Straigth up just ripped the stadium as soon as the NAMT track relased lol Can't even wait for me to put the model up on scrapyard, you are really shameless.
  2. Edy

    NAMT Detroit 2020

    Version 1.0.0


    Week 4 of NAMT Sorry for the late upload, had some stuff in the way. Cars should be more crushsable than last week. Please report any technical faults or problems in the comment section of the file and not the reviews. Will relase the blend files for all the stadiums i've made for NAMT so far later in the month. Have a happy day. Bye.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Week 3 for NAMT 2020
  4. More weebles and woobles out here
    Track looks like it was rushed, and it was definitly was. Modeling is very bad, as well as texturing. Skidmarks and the dirt color look terrible, like you just took a texture and then just put a very bad trace of a brush. Also the track paint looks like it was made in 2 minutes with no care. Doing the blue things and that on the double seems useless and they make the track look very ugly. Also the stadium is oversized, and that means, so is the track. Very bad execution of a track, could've been way better if whoever made it took the time to make a decent track an
  5. A render i made Made using Blender 2.83
  6. Name: Edy Beltran Discord: Edy#9701 Truck: Udder Madness Download Link: Freestyle Song: Year of Debut: 2012
    Great track. Glad to have contributted a small grain of sand to it. Hope it's a great event!
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