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  1. Not nearly as fancy as Jack's layouts (yet) but had myself a car crush lol
  2. when did I buy this thing?... i don't remember but I finally built it... now to get more AAs so I can run it lol
  3. so I decided I miss my clod, and the kyoshyo Twin force just never felt monster truckish enough... didn't wanna be like everyone else with the Wheely Kings and Axials so..... anyone got any tips before I build it? I plan on running my clod wheels/tires cause I kept those
  4. no I understand your issues, most of my former competitors are in the same shoes. but M3s are probably the best out of the box package for autocross next to a miata of all things. SCCA solo II and rallycross competitons (not usually any jumps just dirt/gravel tracks) are pretty much the cheapest way to get back in the racing seat. all you need is a DOT approved helmet, seat belts, solid wheel bearings, good brake pressure and a throttle return spring (and take the floormats out) after your rookie stent is over (depends on driver skill) you can take as many passengers as have seat belts if you want (as long as their 10+yr old) for some family fun. a membership will run you about $150/yr ish and each event will run you about $50.... scca also gets some serious discounts for stuff you wouldnt expect....
  5. & @Demko, we have A TON of regulars out giving their family 4drs all they got, everything has a class. H-Stock *civics corrolas, sentras, neons, is probably our biggest class on average... STS and STX *subarus,evos,BMWs, audis, etc are big turnouts aswell. it doesnt matter if you have a VW bug or a 911 twin turbo. I've seen everything from pintos to legit Shelby Cobras run. pickup trucks are welcome too as long as they are not lifted 2wd or awd (4x4 offroad not exactly welcome most of the time due to rollover potential) .
  6. I've been out of the game a couple seasons now (rebuilding car) but locally we run events at the fairgrounds, at Papajohns Cardinal stadium, and at UPS's main airport lot and a couple times a year we get to run on the runways at Ft.Knox Spectators are welcome and its all free to watch. (tho sometimes its hard for spectators to gain access to knox without being with one of the racers. just find the website for your local SCCA chapter and find their schedule. It'll be obvious where you shouldn't be... Make a couple friends and talk to the event officials and you may get assigned a spotter who will take you out to the worker stations ON TRACK to get some pictures in. also... if you get good shots (or video is better) and post them you WILL make friends...
  7. Dead thread revival just my lil' datsun. street rubber, nothin special
  8. _PiTBUL_


    Name: "Z" Wagner Sponsor: TBD soon Number: 13 Make of Vehicle:NISSAN
  9. _PiTBUL_


    count me in kiddo's
  10. What he said X200 the night rider and Falcon wonder Wagon are awesome aswell... and I'll say both of their existance makes me glad I chose to go a different route than what he's got cookin for me. cause they are both very similar to what was almost built.
  11. *DrooL* loooks spectatuclar can't wait to see a true allison in ROR, been trying to get someone I know to get one in ror for a custom for awile...
  12. METH! Good to see ya man, so as I pulled the drivers suit out of the closet I log in to see this post... XFA REUNION TOUR??? I'm in.. dig?? anyone else?? btw goodluck with the little custom project i'm hearing whispers in the wind... I've managed to complete a similar project so if you need help with any of it let me know...
  13. _PiTBUL_

    MTM2 Mods

    the top half of the screen is whats known as the hall of mirrors glitch. fixmore4 should fix that too
  14. guess that means I need to make an FB account... and fix whatevers going on with my graphics (LOTS of textures missing or doing funny things since last install) and then... maybe a new truck
  15. Dorf goes auto racing was better than talledega nights.... but how about Stroker Ace? I do agree with Days of thunder probably being the best.... dunno if you'd count Six Pack but its worth mentioning too
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