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  1. Full Name: Ryan McCauleyTruck (and variation if necessary): ReserveHometown: Philadelphia, PADiscord Name: Aeremme#3918Years in Competition: 10
  2. A lot of things wrong and expect updates to the rules and an announcement in the next few days concerning issues such as this. This is in the wrong section. See below and the included link to the rules section. You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal. You cannot post advertisements or notices for contests.
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    Hell. Yeah. Brother. 😎
  4. Just a small tease for now...
  5. Since the last three additions to this have had zero contribution to the original topic I'm going to temporarily lock this for the time being.
  6. This might not be the exact or specific answer you want but it should give you a relatively good idea as to the why. Most of the downloads were previously hosted on the site until it got to the point of people uploading absurdly sized zips because of poor habits in texture sizing (looking at you mr 8000x8000 solid image texture) which rapidly made the cost of the site skyrocket to the point of I believe were were informed by @liquidfire215 that it all needed to be moved offsite or they were considering raising the monthly payment to something in the 4 digit range or just outright removing the site. I don't think any of us really expected the site to get as big as it has, we don't sell anything or make any profit outside of donations or ad revenue and even the donations from what I can recall are quite rare since a large chunk of the user base is not of the working age range yet. I've thought about suggesting some type of store with basic things in the past but kind of figured it'd cost too much and not garner enough profit for it to be relevant. @Outlawed May be able to give you a better or more informative answer than myself. There were other sites besides MediaFire but a lot of them no longer exist or would just delete your files or account the second they had too many people using the service, I personally always try to upload anything of mine to Google Drive in addition to MediaFire for those who don't wish to venture near MediaFire. The main reason for a lot of the sketchy ads they use is largely to do with their commonplace use of illegal activities. Google Drive will scan files for viruses provided they are below 100MB but if you've downloaded anything from Sim-Monsters recently you know some of the file sizes are rather ridiculous if we're being honest. I highly recommend uBlock Origin and some sort of Pop Up Blocker if you are an active user of the internet.
  7. Could not have said it better myself, I do not understand why people constantly bring stuff that happens outside of Sim-Monsters onto the site expecting us to do something. If it did not happen on this website or within this specific Sim-Monsters.com community there is literally nothing we can do but sympathize. I've had far worse things said to me in and out of any game and that does include from within this very community mind you, sometimes it is much better to just get up and walk away for a bit and I mean literally get up from your computer and walk away not just theoretically speaking and then come back so your not in the heat of the moment. This is the sort of drama that drove a lot of people away from posting and competing in leagues and why in some cases it's hard to get a popular league running. Issues outside of Sim-Monsters.com do not belong anywhere on this site, we do not control every aspect related to monster truck games nor would we want to. Any drama arisen from private or public groups that have nothing to do have anything to do with Sim-Monsters.com should be kept in their original groups and/or communities. When someone brings a topic like this to our community it makes everyone look bad. I'll also add just to throw it out there that most of these Facebook groups or "free" communities are run by children because they can't pay for an actual website or forum software and unlike some of them we do actually have rules, you may not like some of them but they are there for a reason.
  8. I do think a big part of what made the site so active was having leagues that ran and uploaded videos of an event the same week or week after it happened instead of what seems to be several months if at all (you know who I'm talking about), it's a nice attempt but likely to not draw a crowd in. You can use either of these for streaming and/or recording without streaming: OBS is free and I think Xsplit has a free version you can try. I may still have some tracks but I'd have to look and see but I'd probably just start over at this point if I'm able to get blender to work with me on my current computer and yes it would directly connect to potential feature events as I don't really care much for racing outside of just getting to play around and see what I can do and I know I suck at racing and sadly most events rely on being able to qualify in which I feel also severely dissuades newcomers from wanting to compete. Perhaps a league solely for new racers or older ones looking to get back into it could be one way to attract more activity. I know it's also generally frowned upon but perhaps an actual prize of some sort on the line for winning a feature event or major league would also create interest again.
  9. RoR of any version is not very well optimized, most people are lucky if they can handle 4 trucks at a time anything more than 2 however for online play should be considered good and anymore than that should be considered a bonus whether it be online or off.
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