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  1. I think this is some of your best work, Good job. Keep improving
  2. Blake Thompson Outlaw Link tba im at a hotel lol you got it
  3. Blake Thompson Hysteria Blake Thompson#3944
  4. Version 1.0.0


    My ride for the Star Spangled Spectacular! A huge huge HUGE thank you for Danny for letting me use his speed energy as a base. i appreciate it greatly and i am forever indebted to your gratitude. Most stuff is from Dannys Speed energy! NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM
    i like it. Mike Harper Elite. Thanks for uploading keep the work up.
  5. Thanks to @AaronLurie for piecing everything together and letting me use the same base as his truck. Its a pleasure to share a metal shop chassis with both of yall. looks great guys i dig it alot
  6. Name (First and last): Blake Thompson Truck: Hysteria Discord: Blake Thompson#3944 Theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJBrrOarTfs&ab_channel=DEFLEPPARDDEFLEPPARD Link to truck: TBA
  7. Due to copy right issues and continuity errors the paint had to be switched up a tad! but in all seriousness huge thanks to danny to letting me keep using his truck as a base. i greatly appreciate it. and for Trevor M he cloned everything
  8. Well the boys in the Alpha Male shop have been busy building brand new trucks, i went to my truck bay and thought what could i do? i have always been one to like different body styles than most and this is no different. I hit up Danny Mackey for the body mold on the speed energy truck and he happily sent me a body. as far as the paint goes Killswitch did an outstanding job on the new paint, with Zach Steele putting some touching ups on the body adding in some logos and what not, i present to you Hysteria 3!
    Houston Texas Danny Mackey 0 - Blake Thompson 1
  9. Blake Thompson Taking terminal cause trevor is scared of amos link private link
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