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  1. Blake Thompson Firestarter 2021 Link:TBA Discord: im already in da crib
  2. not pablos from world finals it had black.
  3. Blake Thompson https://www.mediafire.com/file/g5a76hq79gwxsxk/MonsterPro42018Special.zip/file Monster Pro 4 (Permission from Aaron)
  4. Tonight's final here in Chester saw Aaron Lurie in Monster Pro 4 take on Wambo in the Wonder Wagon! Two veterans of Sim Monsters went head to head in the closest race of the night with Aaron Lurie by pixels taking the win!
  5. If you can figure out what is happening in this stunt. It will be news to me
    Il actually write a proper review. Trucks look very nice, Love the Racesource been driving it like crazy. Paints are very spot on and i really am starting to enjoy the NAMT settings just because of that Racesource. Good job, keep uploading NAMT settings stuff and keep rocking. good job!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    I made this a while ago to run in a league and it turned out pretty good, not my best but not my worst. I no longer have blender so if there is anything wrong im really sorry, if i had the time id fix it. but instead of me sitting on this and only a few people having it, i wanted to release it. Very happy with the set up on it.
  7. Blake Thompson Pick one Grave digger 35 (Adam) Pick 2 Grave digger 33 (Morgan) Pick 3 Bounty Hunter Creten
  8. Name: Blake Thompson Truck: Firestarter Discord: Blue Cheese#3944 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): TBA Changing some things on it Truck Song (Optional): Year Debuted (Driving): 2011 Body Type: Modified Silverado Hometown (OPTIONAL): Columbus Ohio
  9. Blake Thompson Hometown, Columbus Ohio Giuseppe Stromboli#3944
  10. Blake Thompson Firestarter Block Thot#3944
  11. Version 1.3


    Had Steele whip up this for me for NAMT and the special event coming up. NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM.
  12. Blake Thompson Block Thot#3944 Firestarter Link: Year Debuted: 2011
  13. Blake Thompson Sudden Impact Columbus Ohio James R. Bottom#3944 Years in competition: 8
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