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  1. Blake Thompson Sudden Impact Columbus Ohio James R. Bottom#3944 Years in competition: 8
  2. Blake Thompson Racesource Block Thortson#3944
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, found this i made a while ago, very fun to drive around. its been so long i dont even have the blend file anymore
  4. Blake Thompson Block#3944 Blue Collar Link TBA
  5. everyone needs a balanced Breakfast, and trying to find out what to eat in the morning is just a flip! But never fear, Broncos are here!
  6. like he said, its a private pack. so that ultimately tells me there quite garbage lol
  7. MY DOG, why is that pack 300 plus MB?
  8. Blake Thompson Block#3944 Maximum Destruction LED or the original one, not sure yet (yea i went there, 2 maxds im a legend)
  9. Blake Thompson Blake T#3944 Takin It Easy http://www.mediafire.com/file/bzn05mi12rs7bdw/TakinItEasy2019.zip/file
  10. Qualifying will now start at 5:30 eastern!
  11. New discord invite link! https://discord.gg/P4AMUj8
  12. Updated the discord link
  13. Good Evening everyone! I wanted to do something a little different and host a fun run since i haven't in quite a while. Sign ups are open now until 4 pm Est Saturday! You may use Any truck of your choice rather it be a Custom or a Replica! Please make sure your truck has the engine settings fix from the all star challenge to prevent trucks from stalling out. globals 5000, 0.0, tracks/trans engine 950.0, 2600.0, 11500.0, 4.30, 5.00, 10.00, 3.06, 2.13, -1.0 engoption 1, c, 5000.0, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, 300, 800, 0.3, 0.0 torquecurve turbogas brakes 42000 Event Times Qualifying: 5 Pm Eastern Event start: 7 Pm Eastern Discord link: https://discord.gg/P4AMUj8 Sign up example Name: Truck: Truck Link: Discord More will be explained in the drivers meeting, but Racing is top 14 to make it into qualifying! Hope to see some great competitors make it out this weekend!
    It would of been a 5 star but a couple things, The Body and Cab needs to be scaled down alot because its way to wide. a few of us told you to do so to make it right on perfect and you just didnt listen nor cared to do so. other than that. not a bad truck.
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