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  1. Sadly my time with RoR has come to an end for the time being, I may return one day however.

  2. Just to let everyone know, the dev team pushed out a new release candidate last night. For those who are using 0.4.8 RC4, please update to 0.4.8 RC5. https://forum.rigsofrods.org/threads/test-build-version-0-4-8-rc5.1900/
  3. Actually, your best bet right now is to use 0.4.8 RC4, which is now the current default version that comes with the new installer on the site. https://www.rigsofrods.org/ Just click the download button and you'll be good to go.
  4. And do you think anyone would care? No, they won't. You need to learn how to do proper forum etiquette as well. Anyhows regarding the Predator truck pack, I'm very impressed with how they look so far, so keep up the great work on them!
  5. First off, two of these three are already available on the site, so I suggest you start looking first before spewing out these redundant requests. Secondly, if you really want something in-game, how about using the resources on this site and construct one for once? Seriously, just take time and practice, everyone around here has and look where they are at now.
  6. I'm very impressed with this set. Nice work!
  7. Yeah, I can even agree that it looks way better than before. Great job on the paint update!
  8. Haven't posted any screenshots in a while, so I may as well change that. There's been a revamp of a very old vehicle on RoR, and both me and a few friends I know are collaborating together to revamp this beauty, albeit I've only created one scheme so far (the orange one with the black and white stripes), but once racing parts are made, expect to see Team Oreca schemes.
  9. Two more Lost Lands 2017 live-streamed mixes were added!
  10. These are very nice, but I do have a suggestion to make, if it's not already been decided or so. Will these become a standalone product when it reaches full completion? I know that in order for these to work currently, you must set them in the SMV4 folder, and hopefully that can change. Other than that, keep up the great work! EDIT: Okay, thanks to Michael10055 on RoR's main forum, he spotted what the two missing things were, and that was the GraveDiggerBand.dds & GraveDiggerBand.material.
  11. Two brand new mixes came out!
  12. Yet another fine looking truck! Also, I saw what was added to this truck, and tbh, it's a very nice touch! I never thought I'd see exhaust fumes/smoke come out of the truck's exhaust pipes, but you changed that, so mad props to you for hopefully leading the way for others to do the same thing!
  13. Lost Lands sets have returned after a small break, Hopefully Sullivan King's set will be shown and posted soon...
  14. Okay, this is really well done! Keep up the great work on these.
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