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  1. Is it just me or does anyone realize who his account pic is from the Trailer Park Boys? (Bubbles)

  2. Version 1.0.0


    this is one of the most memorable events of all of monster jam due to one event from cam McQueen in nitro circus did the first back flip in competition and there for made the back flip the most important skill for a monster truck driver should know now. hope you guys enjoy this track and more tracks are underway!!!
  3. I already started making this, it will be released at the end of SM Season 3
  4. Imo, this is one of the best songs to come out in a long time Also have been really digging this lately
  5. That is sick as hell, We used to have a Cushman 3 wheeler that we used to haul around stuff at my grandparents, its how I learned to drive a stick
  6. I like them, only thing I would change is lower the number a bit on the sides and put black side skirts on the pennzoil car
  7. get on casey i can play at 8 if you want

  8. Its hit or miss what trucks work fine in .38+, most of the trucks will still load but won't have tires due to some file parsing issues
  9. OJ was an amazing football player, just a terrible person, should have made it like Ryan Leaf or someone like that who was just a huge bust Had to join the fun for the luls http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3qpjpy/
  10. Don't see this on here yet so yea here it is, pretty good song
  11. What started as just carrying a piece of grave digger turned into us pretending to jump it then this
  12. Closest race not on a straight line, this is the closest imho
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