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  1. Hello...?  Anybody still around over here?  Been a while since I last dropped by.

  2. You wanna see a good looking car? The 2016 Mercedes AMG GT looks absolutly incredible. Did I mention they also have a GT3 spec racer? It looks pretty wicked, too. (Trying to upload from my phone, no idea if this'll work or not.)
  3. Ken Squier and Ned Jarrett put every other NASCAR announcer to shame last night, and they were only on for half an hour!
  4. Got to see Raminator and Virginia Giant in Carlisle today. Kinda neat.

  5. Got to see Raminator and Virginia Giant in Carlisle today. Kinda neat.

  6. Name: Mike Russell AIM: mike437@comcast.net Truck: Sudden Impact Dowload Link: N/A Rank: Bronze Reason: Attempted to qualify for SSRS and other leagues of seasons past, fallen away more recently.
  7. Was gonna watch "Somebody's Gotta Do It" with Mike Rowe, which had an episode o tonight about Monster Jam. turned it on to find more news on the riots. Thanks Baltimore.

  8. So I've been bouncing in and out of here recently. Not really into MJ anymore. Still trying to figure out what in the world is going on with WF16.

  9. Foox Porn, Car Porn...something else is still missing...damn. Saleen S7, nice one Cannon.
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