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  1. On the top is where I started when I first buit the track. Maybe we can get mark to redo my old MTC Hampton track as well wink wink.
  2. Cool to see my old track coming back to life was a very fun track in the MTM2 days with great racing. I always tried to me different with my layouts on my tracks i wish i had time to learn how to make tracks as I would remake alot of my mtm2 MLMT/MTC tracks and Leafer tracks
  3. I checked that and its not a mapping issue i might hook my logitech g25 up and play with that
  4. The front steer is on a axis no button the rear steer is a botton because I couldnt setup the other joystick axis to work in game
  5. I bought my son a gamepad and I used the xbox.map file to layout and get a idea of what i need to make the pad work but the front steering will not center and I cant figure out why. We have a steel series 3gc. Any help or a map file would be very helpful.
  6. I think i might try to make a come back as well former MTM2 champion and PPRL race winner hopefully I can do some fun runs!
  7. I was hoping to have someone make a tube frame tired spin off of the Beast. I will provide links to the body I'd like to use on it. The tanks body is a 1973-1979 K5 Blazer I'll send who ever wants to build the tank pictures of everything from the chassis to the motor and drive train. I rebuilt it and I used the original 1977 body with a HO 454 bored 60 over with a turbo 400 trans Thanks Robbie.
  8. Really hoping someone will take a crack at this trying to learn how to reskin for ROR to make my old mtm2 truck Ace Of Spades. Name:Virginia Beach Beast Body: Chevy Tahoe Chassis: Bigfoot 18 Paint (images of color/graphics): would like to have something like this and maybe add my new beast logo i can send via email. Other details: Goodyear tires with blue beadlocks. Blue 4-links with sliver loops. King Racing shocks likke of GDTL and ZF axles. Thanks Robbie Williams
  9. Just wondering if there where any updates on this. My son would realy like to drive his dads tank on the game. Thanks Robbie
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