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  1. Sup guys I'm here. Has the WF started? Oh shi-
  2. Last time the track was Chicago style Adam Anderson clipped every turning car and flipped twice I believe. Should be fun seeing how much he's progressed. Too bad I can't go lol.
  3. I see/hear now. FIrst time I watched the video was with no audio.
  4. Why did the driver hit the stack facing towards the crowd? That's taking an insane risk knowing that the promoter doesn't use RII. Yeah, the show is stupidly unsafe but what the hell was the driver thinking?
  5. Oh ok. I can't really tell. nice dino btw
  6. Does anyone follow this anymore?
  7. rmnldr

    New Orleans 2013

    The camper setup on the endzone is impossible to get over. Also, the step-up ramp on the other side of the FMX jump should be a lot steeper. Overall, good job. Slightly oversized, but good.
  8. Pitbull - Fuego http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIXJ2ehsdW8
  9. There's a lot of good quarterbacks. I wouldn't necessarily single out those two.
  10. You can click around on some of the bars at the top and you'll see join fantasy or something then you put in the SM league ID and pass and create a team name. You have to sign up for fantasy first though.
  11. Not trying to get into a war here but I'm only saying this here because it said you can't receive new messages. I haven't asked you to make a truck for me. I can and have made my own trucks. That is all.
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