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  1. Can you remake the Marvel and DC Comics trucks please? Starting with Batman, i saw the 2013 one and the tires and body definitely need remodeling, also Superman, Wolverine, also U.S Air Force Afterburner & Bulldozer, I wouldn’t  use BKT tires Since these are older trucks, on Bulldozer yes, but not the others, and use the Zoomies engine sound, you can find it in Wrenchhead and 2016 blaise SUD Breakable, THANK YOU!

  2. I was waiting for the IMTRS encore to show this
  3. Name: Jake Urnes Discord: CptSlurpee #1604 Truck Name: Aviato Truck Link: TBA Truck Theme:
  4. Here are some of the monologues and intros that I have made for IMTRS Season 2, the rest of them are available on the Goob Boog YouTube channel
  5. View File 2019 Ford F150 Bodies Finally finished up each version of this. If you want to use it in your blender project, append the one you want into your .blend file. Submitter John Dough Submitted 04/11/2020 Category Truck Building Items  
  6. We're planning on making the original one as well
  7. John Dough


    Version 1.0.0


    The paint for this truck was inspired by Bob Ross's paintings on his "The Joy of Painting" show, with the added style of a flat landscape. I have some other versions of the body on this truck, so I'll try to release the blends of those soon. Credit: Me - Body/Paint Fern - Engine, Rims, Fuel Cell, Transcoolers, Radiator, Fire Extinguisher Kozak - Original Chassis RockCrwlr - Tires Crazyman4444 - Headers RKM - Gauges Seat - Steele
  8. Keepin the ball rolling with the early 2000's stuff ' I don't think I can call the last pic a 53 Corvette though
  9. If it's possible to modify the node/beam for it then yeah
  10. Keep it up bro doesn't matter how many people are making them all that matters is there's people that wanna make em
  11. I'll do both Inferno and Nitro but I'm not doing the 2004 cheese block version of Inferno that looked like ducking trash
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