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  1. View File 2000's Ford F-150 Body Happy sodding new year here's a brand new buudy to use in 2021 , f**k it's perfectly subsurfed too Submitter John Dough Submitted 01/03/2021 Category Truck Building Items  
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The playoffs version of Outlander for NAMT 2020
  3. Version 1.0.0


    WF edition of Introvert Credit: Tires - Matt Wilkinson Props - @fernBurn, @Chris Hamilton, SM Staff Node beam - @4x4convoy, NAMT staff
  4. Team Name: Team Grave Digger Team Headquarters: Kill Devil Hills, NC Discord (Team Captain): CptSlurpee #1604 Driver 1 (Captain): Jake Urnes Driver 2: Marcus Santana Driver 3: Alex Lindgren
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A reworked Outlander, now fitted to an NAMT node beam. 4x4 Convoy/NAMT Staff - NodeBeam Johan - Headers Fern - Engine, Rims, Fuel Cell, Transcoolers, Radiator, Fire Extinguisher RKM - Gauges Seat - Steele
  6. Version 1.0.0


    An updated version of Marcus Santana's Introvert on the new NAMT settings. Credit: Tires, Sounds- Me Sounds - @Beau4x4 Props - @fernBurn, @Chris Hamilton, SM Staff Node beam - @4x4convoy, NAMT staff
  7. Name: Jake Urnes Truck: Outlander Discord: CptSlurpee #1604 Download Link: TBA Truck Song (Optional): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTFEt0L65yU&ab_channel=MashupsandPotatoes Year Debuted (Driving): 2012 Body Type: 2019 Ford F-150 Hometown: Kuczek, Kazakhstan
  8. Name: Jake Urnes Discord: CptSlurpee#1604 Truck: El Chupacabra Download Link: https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/ Freestyle Song (YouTube Link): https://youtu.be/TBLVkZYgspM Year Debuted: 2012
  9. Can you remake the Marvel and DC Comics trucks please? Starting with Batman, i saw the 2013 one and the tires and body definitely need remodeling, also Superman, Wolverine, also U.S Air Force Afterburner & Bulldozer, I wouldn’t  use BKT tires Since these are older trucks, on Bulldozer yes, but not the others, and use the Zoomies engine sound, you can find it in Wrenchhead and 2016 blaise SUD Breakable, THANK YOU!

  10. I was waiting for the IMTRS encore to show this
  11. Name: Jake Urnes Discord: CptSlurpee #1604 Truck Name: Aviato Truck Link: TBA Truck Theme:
  12. Here are some of the monologues and intros that I have made for IMTRS Season 2, the rest of them are available on the Goob Boog YouTube channel
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