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    Shouldn't it use the Digger Axles instead of Patrick Axles? Also less flames on hood and roof. otherwise looks cool
    It looks cool, but kind of already been made 2 or 3 times. Could add a driver in the seat to make it a bit more authentic.
    This is rad. Swaybars look a bit funky though.
    This is all really good.. But the front shocks: The nitrogen shocks are closest to the front, then the coilover at the back. Otherwise, an excellent revamp of MAX-D. Edit: Should also use 4th gen BKTs/whatever comes in the NAMT truck pack
  1. Version 2.0


    IF YOU HAVE TIME Have a read: p.s Truck is very very stand-alone. I have experimented with the NAMT truck settings and honestly believe that they are the best thing uploaded to this site since the beginning. I don't compete with custom trucks, but I wanted to create trucks using this template because of how unbelievably fun it is to drive using the NAMT settings. This truck uses unmodified CRD NAMT settings. Also uses all of the props included with the Builder's pack. Also wanted to say Hello to the community again... Last posted here about 4 years ago. This is Todd Leduc's Monster Energy circa 2020, Before you say that the tires are 2nd gen BKTs not 3rd gen, Todd uses the 2nd gen ones still to this day. Everything is picture referenced, shouldn't be any problems. This uses Kozak's brand new chassis model. See credits below. Wanted to note: all work on this truck was done in Blender 2.49 (a 11 year old program) and it was Hell. Credit to Google for the H.E.B. Flag
  2. Easily one of the smartest things MJ has done in a while. Agreed. Kind of shameful ,the budget cuts rolled out In episodes 2018-present.
  3. It is interesting to think about, because what happens to the current standings? I see that the show in Ford Field will be held in July (supposedly) . Maybe the points tour will be extended into next season. I wonder if any other big stadium shows will be rescheduled. Particularly the Sam Boyd Stadium one - They have to reschedule it before the end of June when the UNLV contract is up.
    Hey this is great for your first track, but next time it would be a great idea to put the spawn point near the entrance or make the stadium non-contact
  4. There is a channel called Fox Sports Racing... Maybe only on Rogers. They broadcast all monster Jam shows at the same time they are released on Fox Sports 1 in the US. As for the archived episodes, there were a few youtube channels that I've seen with old TV footage with terrible quality. the 2001 recap show was posted on one channel. the 2002 series was posted on a different channel. the 2003 series didn't exist. 2004-2006 and some 2007 episodes were posted all on one channel (dont know if mods allow Youtube links) 2008-2016 TV episodes are nowhere to be found on youtube. There are some episodes from 2009-2012 on hulu, but I cant watch it in Canada.
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