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  1. Happy Birthday, man!

  2. Sweet looking truck, but different rims and a front clip with headlights and a grill would look awesome!
  3. I think he's going for just more of a custom mixing the old with the new...
  4. I want the Dinosaur thing on the side of the truck then I will join.
  5. Nice, but it would be better if the reversed paint problem was fixed. There is a tutorial.
  6. Yeaa I know... I posted Raminator as a joke, but then figured people would think I was serious so I added Rammunition and Razin Kane. omg Zach
  7. I hope they go back to the way they used to set up the tracks where the drivers actually get a run up to the jumps. Imagine how big they would go if they brought the big triple back from WF9!
  8. There is a tutorial for the fiberglass in the tutorial section.
  9. 1. Start a fun-run topic in the fun-run thread. 2. On RoR .37, no. On RoR .38, yes. 3. AIM
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