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  1. Well...don't get the ram-air hood they had on that one. The original concept truck sucked in so much sand through those snorkels during a press day that it...well...ground the engine to dust. Quote Motor Trend on that...
  2. Huh. That must be some texture file, then. It's something I haven't seen in any independent mod for any game, though that doesn't mean it's not out there.
  3. Is it wrong that I'm actually warming up to Monster Jam?
  4. Woah. Actual Mazoria/chromalusion color=changing paint, or does it just look like it?
  5. Heh, Awesome Idea. I've thought of a Trogdor based on Snake Bite...that was shot down pretty quick...>> but that was at the RORMJ forum, it's a pretty level-headed group 'round here. Enjoy your time. :3
  6. Sure,t here's a few guys out here who do...though they all largely have their own agendas, and you kind of have to have a hand in the project for everything to work, but...yeah. :3
  7. Even winzip doesn't work for me (which I assume is due to some weird file permissions setting), so instead use this workaround... Place the .zip file into the "vehicles" folder in your documents/Rigs of Rods directory. Place the contents of the .zip file into the cache. When you're done, drive one of the Sim-Monsters trucks first. This sets the sounds so they work in the addon trucks.
  8. Dennis actually mentioned Independent suspension. Sir! I'd LOVE to talk to you on that note! XD I think he actually won me over, with this interview. Not that I particularly like the Monster Jam organization, but...eh.
  9. That is quick. seriously quick.
  10. It's a neat layout...though the lines are kinda tight, I'm not sure if you can go to the outside of them and arc the turn, or if you have to stay between them. Traction is just about right, though.
  11. Playing with the color on the BF Racerstripe a bit. I dunno...still a bit cornflowery.
  12. I guess that counts. ;P I'd like to find where the nearest Autocross to Peoria'll be, and maybe run my '96 Nissan 200SX there. I don't expect to set any records, but I do expect to learn.
  13. a '71 Celica? Wow, that is a classic! I can imagine parts'd be hard to come by. Do they allow engine swaps? a 4A-GE might not be as hard to come by as far as parts go, though the drift scene has eaten quite a few...
  14. Well? Do you? I've been looking for a nearby trackday event meself...and it'll be awhile before I can get my car prepared for such an event, but I wonder how many people go to HPDEs, Trackdays, run oval tracks, drag race, et cetera, in real life. and, no. Don't try to prove your cojones by racing morons on the street. I can't guarantee that your bragging (particularly if there's video evidence) won't make it into the hands of the police, and I don't want anyone to get into trouble, anyway. Seriously...it's better if you keep that activity to yourself. Deny, deny, deny.
  15. Honestly won't give Feld a dime 'till a certain Big Blue Ford returns to the series, but I would like the independent trucks to at least have a chance. Can't say if they'll win or not, but I'd like teams not affiliated with Feld Motorsports to sweep both events. Not that it'll happen, but I'd like it.
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