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    Can I get that cred for making mutt paint? thxs
    Awesome finally seeing this public! Thanks to all who participated in getting the yellow walled, autographed black stallion. couldnt have replicated it without yall~! Enjoy
    Absolutely hated crewing this show in real life, but hey...I love the Lakers Very nice attention to detail on the venue, hopefully its used more soon!
    rad handling lucas oil stablizer
    Ur welcome for the logo and badge lol
    No sounds? wth EDIT: Ok, there are sounds I just forgot to raise my volume. Idk how to fix review rate. Sowwy EDITx2: It was a joke, bruhski
    He rates his own uploads
    Guy who did the wrap didnt make it accurate. At least Jack Brown truck makes it into ror
  1. Go to 2nd top right button to download, should take you to here And then click download anyway. If more than just you are having issues then I can update onto a mediafire link, but the mod that approved it others seem to have accessed the link just fine
  2. yes, click link and in the top right there should be a downloadable zip button. Hope this helps!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My ride(s) for Indyjam truckfest aka Rormjl season 5.5 aka XMT. Lotsa creds to @Nick Worthmen as per usual. Did my best to get the wraps to be as accurate as possible with the limited media it has so far, so a future update could be entirely possible? Rick Disharoons new truck and teammate to Saigon Shaker. The Metal Shop always delivers with some B.A trucks and changing up the industry so of course we gotta show some love and get these in game
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