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  1. Neil Wheels 2012 with the help of @RORmadness and @Hydroツ
  2. Helping a friend of a friend of this guy who knew this guys cousin
  3. Sorry For Party Rockin'.... Pwease oh pwease forgive me *Redacted SM Admin*
  4. I've recently updated to the new ror version and transferred all of my mods over and my tracks load in without a problem but for some reason, my trucks wont load in and I get an error message reading".truck file missing-actor not found". Has anyone had this issue or know the solution to this? ive tried redownloading the newest version and made sure the mods folder was in the right folder
  5. Name: Mason Paul Truck: Alien Invasion Backup Truck Choice 1: Brocamino Backup Truck Choice 1: Mohawk Warrior Discord: Chazzymp #4020
  6. Version 1.0.0


    One of the coolest looking trucks back in 06 that never got enough attention or footage(for reasons). It was a fun project to have a hand in, despite it starting from a joke. Thanks to @Guest_215 For his Wilman Set up and @Chris B for cloning War Wizard for me
    Good work dude, glad I was able to lend a hand!
  7. -Mason Paul -San Diego, CA -Chazzymp #4020
  8. Name: Mason Paul Truck: TBT Discord: Chazzymp #4020 Download Link (Sim-Monsters Only): TBT(Being worked on) Truck Song: TBT Year Debuted (Driving): 2020 Body Type: TBT Hometown: San Diego
    As a ribbon board Connoisseur, I am butter moist looking at the detailing.
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