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  1. How do I get out of the jersey barrier when I spawn in?
  2. Agreed with Dustin. This video should give a better perspective. Disregarding the surrounding area, which I agree is not as important in correlation to the actual track. However there are some major issues with the track itself. The race lanes for monsters, quads, and tough trucks are way to spread out. The overall width of the beach is skewed along with this, and certainly the length is compromised as well. As Dustin stated earlier, the no mans land is far out of proportion. Gearing differences aside, it cannot be considered a true replica given the major scaling issues. Although major, they can be corrected. Game play: I do not like how the bumps/natural sand imperfections were removed for racing, but added for freestyle. I understand this makes racing even for both lanes, but the challenge of working the lines of a straight line course is amplified with them. That was honestly my favorite part of the 2013 track. There are 3 different Virginia Beach downloads, all of which miss the bar in some way, shape, or form. Please do not ignore the advice and tips we are giving to you. And do not think we are disregarding the work you have put into this project. This track has a TON of potential. I hope you reconsider your stance and take some more time to create a quality replica track that'll be known for years to come.
  3. Someone needs to start sending me these SPHRA / WMTCS track remakes, they are great!! Barcelona (above) was the first crossover track in the league's history - it was also during our European/overseas tour. Whoever has access to any of these tracks please get in contact with me! Thank you!
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for the steps/tutorial for creating a track in sketchup. I know how to build models within sketchup, but how do I transfer a track in game, include a garage, etc? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  5. Cannot wait to see it, keep up the excellent track building!
  6. This is such a well built track. I really wish you kept it realistic without that car pyramid though. Keep up the good work.
  7. Yeah I've been through those. They help to an extent, but I need some solid lessons. Would really appreciate any time and help.
  8. Hey guys, There's a ton of talent on here. I was hoping someone could take a few nights within the next few weeks to teach me the basics of blender? If anyone can spare some time I would really appreciate it. Please private message me if you can help and we can set something up! Thank you!
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