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  1. I agree, but it's not going to stop. I remember when people were bashing Live Nation for Backwards Bob and an overemphasis on destruction 9 years ago. Even though I wasn't there, I'm certain that 9 years before that, people complained about the WCW trucks and Clear Channel owning Grave Digger and freestyle being added to every show. It makes you wonder why they watch monsters in the first place if everything sucks, all the time in their eyes. I'm not saying that some complaints aren't valid, like really similar tracks and getting rid of the different paint jobs for the same truck. In that case
  2. I love BeamNG, but the community is the worst. This place on its worst day > Beam forums on their best day. Thankfully now that they've been exposed for stealing content and the mod is apparently cancelled, I've got no reason to read the forums anymore.
  3. I just got back from Vegas a couple hours ago. I assure you guys, as great as it was watching highlights/livestreams, it was indescribably amazing live. Lee's flip was the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It was so spectacular that the people around my family and me, complete strangers, were high fiving us and looking around like, "did that just happen?!?" The whole weekend was fantastic. I've only got one question. What came off of Ryan's truck at the end of his run? It shot through the body on what looked like the same corner of the suspension that broke on the backflip. Was it a cap
  4. I hope that they are using different designs for each Digger, and they're just smart enough to not blow the reveal before the pit party even starts this time.
  5. Excellent work. The level of detail and immersion is unreal.
  6. Anyway, it was really cool to see a broadcast of the show I went to last weekend. It's so surreal. It's one thing if it's Vegas, where there's been close to 2 decades straight of coverage. It's another when it's the tiny arena you've been going to since you were 3 years old. Also gave me tons of good reference footage, hint hint
  7. The way Joe Lowe loses his poo at 2:26 in that first video is one of my favorite announcer calls in MJ history. Most of the moments that come to my mind have already been posted, so here are a few that are just nostalgic for me:
  8. They'd be insane to not do anything for Digger's 35th Anniversary, even if it's just a huge encore, especially since there might still be the possibility that Dennis retires after this coming year. It is extremely odd that they haven't even mentioned it yet. Hopefully if they do decide to run special bodies for the 35th Anniversary, they've learned their lesson from the 30th Anny bodies. Just add on to the current Digger scheme. Don't redesign the whole body, just base it off of the older bodies if you really want to make a noticeable change; no purple, stacked name, like this: Prob
  9. Jimmy Creten sweeps racing and freestyle tonight, again facing Tyler Groth and Double Trouble in the finals. A lot tighter racing tonight; there were a lot of guys getting loose and spinning last night. Travis Groth had a great run and should've been the winner, with probably the most ragged edge run I've ever seen at Rocky Mountain Raceway. I seem to recall that RMR judging is particularly bad, though, and there's a tendency for the big names to win over smaller indies (Bigfoot and Bounty Hunter have won the last few years' freestyle IIRC). Kamikaze ran tonight, it was pretty good for a truck
  10. Tyler Groth and Double Trouble beat Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter in an amazing final at RMR, as well as winning the first donut contest they've held at RMR. (They don't do freestyle Sat to save the trucks, I guess.) Surprisingly (IMO) The Felon made it to the semis against Groth. Kamikaze did not race, but it was there. It's a white trophy truck body with a skull wearing a gasmask on the side. Pretty sweet imo. Would've taken a pic, but my phone died. I'll get one up tomorrow night after the show.
  11. My apologies if this is old info; been very busy lately. Paul Jensen is listed as the driver for Kamikaze at RMR, and IIRC he was part of Kreg Christensen's team at one point. Still no clue who owns it, my hunch is that it's Kreg. On a side note, when I was stuck in traffic on my way to work, I saw Kreg and Wicked pass me on the other side of the freeway. Just Wicked, no sign of Kamikaze unless I just missed it. That made that commute suck a little less.
  12. Oh, I thought this summer was his "retirement tour" and he was done after next month. He's doing the Sioux Falls MTD show the same weekend as RMR. Oh well, the lineup is the best in a LONG time.
  13. The lineup for the 20th Anniversary Show at Rocky Mountain Raceways: Monster Trakker Bounty Hunter Scarlet Bandit Iron Outlaw Knucklehead Double Trouble Trouble Maker Nitro Menace Jail Bird Wicked Kamikaze Wild Thang King Crunch Nitro Hornet Felon McGruff Most likely the first show without Bigfoot at RMR. Looks like they're all on the MTD Tour that weekend. That sucks, Dan Runte is usually a staple of the RMR shows. Does anyone have any info about Kamikaze? I haven't really followed
  14. Thanks for posting that. Probably should've looked into it instead of relying on what I remember of an 8-year old MonsterMayhem thread. I don't really see the drivers going easy. It just seems like typical stadium freestyle for the time. Either way, there are a lot of empty seats in that building... It's actually worse than I remember.
  15. I wouldn't hold my breath honestly. Monster Jam ran at Rio Tinto Stadium (a fairly large MLS stadium for those not familiar) for one show probably like 6 or 7 years ago. By all accounts, it was not worth going. If I recall correctly, the stadium told Feld/LiveNation (can't remember if they'd sold MJ yet) that they needed to go easy to make sure that they didn't tear up the grass, so the officials were very trigger-happy with the RII. I also read that the attendance was not great so I doubt they'll come back.
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