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  1. it has been coverted to .4 and should work with 2020
  2. this was my first post and im working on a truck pack
  3. in my opinion i don't like roblox so i play minecraft becuase hate roblox don't call me a hater plz
  4. can people put there download link beccuase some people need the truck to see them and we need them too for racing
  5. martin giles airborne ranger no aim yet sorry
  6. ill drive son uva digger btw my ror name is Jimbo the Sqorpoin
  7. no aim come on to the ror.ezzg.be server no aim jut your ror name and your truck 2 judges for freestyle and i need to have some one record for youtube and a timer
  8. dont be a bully or a jerk we are a community
  9. come and join i dont care it is for the fun no names just fun come to the track no aim
  10. same time but it is on the first friday in april
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