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  1. and im drooling !!! nice man i think ya need a deflectasheild logo on the front fender and a penda logo on top of it on hulkster
  2. Name: Bert Wojcik AIM: bigfootbert Custom Truck: Fastenal Fast Track ( http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/download/1221-fastenal-fast-track/ ) Custom Truck Song: Infinity - Trenches Pop Evil (http://grooveshark.com/s/Trenches/5bgAvh?src=5 ) Replica Truck: Instigator Rank: Rookie Reason : Because I work and Failed at producing fall madness
  3. Bert Wojcik Stone Crusher bigfootbert
  4. HA ! Tharindu Procrastinating hahahhahah you should add crazy to that list as well haha
  5. In away kinda surprising but not so much. I really thought with all the motorsports programming that cbs sports network and nbc sn have been doing recently i thought one of those would of picked up monster jam. I kinda figured that super cross would stay with fox.But oh well... now if only we could get a real monster truck series on tv... that would be something to watch instead of this brain rotting monster jam garbage
  6. Im not sure if this is the right thread for this but i seemed to be in a pickle. I am looking for the theme from trucks and tractor power from 95-96 does any one have any idea where i can find the song.
  7. bert

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    Name: bert wojcik Truck: snake bite AIM: bigfootbert
  8. bert

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    Name Bert wojcik Truck Rammuntion Aim bigfootbert
  9. i have the disc i gotta find it haha
  11. Great Work coconut but the only thing is as looking back at the pictures that i have. There were cars in the middle of the pad.There was an opening inbetween the lanes then it was cars... on the way back thats when they would go over them so it would go 2 cars dirt then 2 cars
  12. Roach and i were talking about this one night but we both said that it wouldnt be surprising that NBC would pick up a Motorsports channel with there coverage of F1 and now picking nascar back up in 2015 plus with there coverage of torc and other programs dont be surprise by 2014-2015 for them to pick up monster jam.,... hopefully by then it won't seem like monster jam is ran by kids
  13. Just one thing to add on mesa... if you remember each round they moved the starting line back another 50 ft with more obsitcals in front than before so just throwing that out there... other than that awesome job everyone
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