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  1. Uh what? They did the exact same thing on FS1 last year. They didn't show anything in full. They showed the semis, and finals for racing, and maybe a race from a round earlier if it had implications on the semis, like someone crashing and not coming back. Then they showed highlights of the two wheel skills, and they showed the full runs of FS for the top finishers and highlights of the rest.
  2. Exactly, and regardless of the throttle mashing I think he had just enough momentum swinging that way that he was going to be just fine.
  3. I'm at the show in Spokane, 3 of the 8 trucks are broken so far. We aren't even done with racing yet. Will update if anyone comes back. Update 1: Tyler Meninga wins racing. Had a nice voice crack in his interview after. Update 2: Colton Eichelberger was watching the track crew fix the track and shook his head in disappoint, they did a really bad job and left multiple ruts in the surface. Tyler Meninga wins ATVs with a last corner pass on the outside. Update 3: 2 of the trucks are back, however a 4th, MaxD now has issues. Tyler Meninga wins the 2 wheel skills with a really cool wheelie into stoppie combo. I'll probably upload the video later tonight and put it here. Update 4: No sweep for Tyler tonight as Tony Ochs in Soldier Fortune wins the donut contest. Update 5: They just gave away tickets to the World Finals. So now this family needs to find a way to get from Spokane to Orlando. Update 6: Colton wins Speedsters after Tyler rolled it. Update 7: There is a dance contest. Every child is flossing. Send help. Update 8: Tyler Menninga wins freestyle. I will probably upload that tomorrow.
  4. Found a stream from San Antonio if anyone wants to watch.
  5. Alright, so I've been trying to figure out what this show was for awhile now. It aired after Monster Jam on TNN. It was a motorsport show and there was a driver named I think Stealth. He wore an all black firesuit, black helmet with a blacked out visor.
  6. This gives me hope Seattle will get a stadium date. It'd be nice to not have to fly and plan a big trip to see a stadium show.
  7. I didn't think Ryan's run was that great. Admittedly, it's the only run I've seen so far, so I can't compare it to the others, so it may well have been the best run tonight for all I know. Personally, I though almost all the "Wow" factors came after the clock hit 0. But like I said, I haven't seen the rest of the runs so I'll need to see them before I can form an opinion on if it were win worthy or not. Also I usually set way too high of expectations for freestyle, so that probably has an influence on my opinion too.
  8. They've never livestreamed Racing or Freestyle. They have TV contracts with Fox Sports to honor.
  9. I repeat, please take your chairs back to where you got them! Also I can't wait to spend another year searching YouTube and Periscop for streams with all of you.
  10. That's been the problem with the previous forms of judging too. I've been going to Monster Jam at my local arena since about 2002 back when there were just 3 fan judges, and I've also seen it when they had 5 judges and got rid of the low and the high. I've seen things like Grave Digger get a nearly perfect score after rolling just a little more than 10 seconds into a run, I think everyone that's been to mutliple shows has seen something simlar to this. The only way to stop any kind of bias like this, at least that I can think of would be if Feld brought in some retired drivers and had them go on the various tours as judges.
  11. It's the second biggest attendance wise. Being the largest in attendance is far different than being the largest in floor space area. A stadium like University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale would have the largest floor space, not Michigan Stadium.
  12. I think the date change is pretty interesting. With the World Finals now being in May it extends the season by at least 1 months, and up to 2 months depending on when they do it in May. With them extending the season to May we could actually see a lot of new stadiums on the tour that they can't really go to in January, February and March due to weather. Looking at current NFL stadiums( I say NFL only because I doubt MLB teams will want Monster Jam coming in during the season and putting dirt down) there's a good chance we could see Monster Jam at the stadiums in Seattle, Kansas City, Charlotte, Washington DC/Landover, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, and Denver.
  13. The logo in the preview photo isn't the same as the one in the photo you posted either.
  14. Name: Ryan Jones Discord: HAPPY SEVENTEENTH RUSEV DAY#9503 80's Truck: Gentle Ben 90's Truck: Eradicator Let me know if my discord name doesn't work. Also, sorry if it's asked but is it .4 or .37?
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