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  1. This truck is not an open custom so please do not sign up in it for leagues or fun runs without asking for my permission first as I might also want to sign up and compete in it.
  2. View File ZonR's Ramp Pack Decided to finally upload these ramps I made a while back, I don't intend to make a full fledged track anytime soon so I figured if nothing else these can serve as inspiration and help guide you to making clean ramps as well. These can absolutely be improved as I'm no expert in blender but I feel like they serve as decent examples of poly flow without having to import a full track model or anything like that. I also encourage people to use these models if they want to, just give me credit for the ramp models of course. Get creative and keep making tracks! I'm including the car and bus textures just to be thorough. If you need any help texturing the track, I have a tutorial video explaining the absolute basics of painting a track. I'll only be including a 2.79b blend file. I'd also strongly encourage you to build collision mesh's around these ramps as well if you intend to use them. Credits: Testmobile - Vehicle Models and Textures (https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/vehicles/land/uaa-city-props-vehicles-120339) RockCrwlr - Bus Model and Texture ZonR - Ramp Mesh's Submitter iZonarYT Submitted 06/25/2020 Category Track Building Items  
  3. yup you got it all figured out.
    Finally got around to driving the truck, overall the handling of the truck is good, and the 10ft rule makes this truck look pretty darn solid, but as you get closer I noticed a lot of issues with little things on this truck, including the god awful shaky truck syndrome, which should not still be showing up on finished projects, and a breather tube going from the valve cover to the transmission? And its not even a closed cylinder? The stuff that I can tell you actually did on this truck was sloppy and rushed. It could be done a whole lot better. Also, doesn't use the mini template so that's a lot of points off in my book. I'm not one to push people to make things perfect, but you could have at least tried a bit harder to make sure things are at least finished.
    Dang, those paints are pretty solid, and that alignment is A1. Good job an Blazer. Reeee
  4. Template has been updated as of May 5th, 2020 to have the new website logo included! A new example is shown below.
  5. Thanks @Steele Also Blue Thunder is still coming (Go bug @Andrew about sending me the last model I need)
  6. Hotline Miami is now "The Gold Standard"
  7. "Father?" "Yes my Son?" so the Kraken is on its way back to @Steele for some more work, look out for more updates soon!
    Well hey, I think overall this truck is really awesome, you did a good job getting some cool detail into the truck. However, it feels like you focused a lot of detail into the wrong places, multiple different oranges and even some red where there shouldn't. I know its really hard to stay motivated when people leak your work. My suggestion? Send pics, don't give your work to anyone until its ready. I don't want to sound pandering of course, but it really is that simple.... that or get a different friend group who wont send out your work? Either way, it's good, but could be a lot better if you put the time into the little stuff.
    Overall trucks not bad at all, but can we please stop messing with the tire textures, they looked ten times better before people started screwing with them??? And for the love of god stop using the shaky truck node beam, use another oneeeeeee.
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