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    Your work is continuing to get better, the chain limit straps are a nice touch, just wish the finishing work on these was better, truck feels a bit odd when landing, could possibly be a node issue or just .truck file settings that need tuning(see Johans Max-D pack as a reference for handling) and we still don't have shock towers on a truck being built in 2021? We can do better..... not to mention textures on the coils is a bit funky at times. Maybe take more time polishing up the work before deciding to make 10 different versions of the truck, its cool to have, but if the underlying truck isn't great, it affects the versions without hoods where you can clearly see the shocks floating. Simple stuff like that deserves your time as it will make the overall product better. Edit: On closer review, no textures on either the brake pedal or the gas.... and you have a floating tube holding gauges, 2 stars at best, for the work other people did to make this truck good, and for the chain limiting straps. I dont want to make you feel like I'm just trying to knock you down, because I'm not, but you can do better.
  1. Name: Will Meyer Truck: Slinger Backup Truck Choice 1: Dragon Backup Truck Choice 2: Rage Discord: ZonR#1235
    Modelling needs some work, but painting is where this track truly suffers the most. Dont get me wrong, it will work for its intended purpose as most of your work does. But the paint truly is a sore spot to me, understanding photo editing software is a clear next step for you imo. That being said, the racing ramps drive like nobody tested them before release, and most of the ramps just feel awkward to hit. Play testing a beta version of your tracks with people who arent going to just tell you "omg its great bro" "this is fantastic" and actually point out the flaws is where your work will become better. I cannot stress the importance of play testing any track you make enough. These tracks are meant to be replicas, but at the end of the day, this is still a game and the tracks need to be enjoyable to drive on without goofy issues like the racing lanes throwing the nose of your truck into the dirt.
  2. Its a Chevy Colorado body, not a Silverado (see the headlights, how the top are smaller then the bottom)
  3. Weeks of NAMT: Week 1 is over finally! Took me some time to get around to it because I was hoping more submissions would come in, however, of the limited number we got, I would say all were amazing, but one stood out as a clear winner in my books, a first time submission by @zero_mass was truly awesome. Week 2: Chester, PA same rules as last week! Lets see what you got!
  4. Screenshot of the Week is making its glorious return to Sim-Monsters!!!!! This week is gonna start the "Weeks of NAMT 2020" Week 1: NAMT East Rutherford 2020 Only rules specific for the week are that the trucks must be NAMT trucks, so only customs, no editing of the photos. Submissions will end and the decision will be made next Thursday!!!! Also: No ENB's/ Shaders
    Paints all look great, its truly unfortunate that the chassis mesh and surrounding parts are so lackluster, the concussion logo in the cradle is just sad, we have much better versions around that could have been easily swapped into the cradle, aaannnnd static coils just seems like a cop out on an otherwise good piece. There are definitely times I believe too much detail isn't always necessary, but this is not one of those cases.
  5. Will Meyer Chill Out https://sim-monsters.com/files/file/3503-namt-open-customs-pack/ ZonR#1235 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxe2mGM9bOo&ab_channel=GP
  6. View File ZonR's Header Pack Long story short, got bored, decided to try and make some headers! You WILL need to modify the length of the headers to fit different chassis, and they will not clear the frame rails as they sit. THESE ARE NOT PLUG AND PLAY!!! These are not mirrored due to modification that may be required when fitting to different chassis..... Bakes are included, but feel free to make your own. Use as you wish, but please give me credits for the original headers. Credits: Header Flanges - @Andrew/ @fernBurn - Magnaflow Headers Header's - Me (@iZonarYT) Submitter iZonarYT Submitted 08/21/2020 Category Truck Building Items
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