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  1. Hornetguy97


    Moved go beam where I became a track maker since it it so much easier there. Need some online monsters. Also, I dont remember all the ads for single moms on here... might need to delete my cookies....
  2. Would be a screenie but too big, finally met Casey Graves in a race just now. Fast.
  3. Start lines in front of the walls? Looks like they will each other and turn into the first ramp.
  4. Except Jim is 2011 freestyle champ? Finished 3rd in freestyle in 2017? And Randy not being on a stadium tour in forever
  5. Minneapolis 2016 Jacksonville 2017 Tacoma toronto has forever
  6. Plus 3 supercross races feld does there, just easier to keep dirt. More economic
  7. Give it time people, atlanta sells out every year. Why would they not go back? They have to juggle football, supercross, and other events. get it, juggle, hehe, cuz they a circus. Well not anymore
  8. alright, this question is for those who use or make breakables. i managed to weaken the tires to where they break on the Y axis easier. what i mean by that is launching the truck 40 feet in air may break a tire off on the way down or it may not, depends how it lands. i did it by tweaking the numbers in the LF to RR section in the node beam where the breakable nodes are. What I cannot find however is a line to strenghten the sides of the tires, A side slap or any faint touch to the sidewall will snap a tire off like a twig. even if it doesnt do it, if i try a sidewall save the tire will just fall off. i get lucky sometimes. but any help or feedback would be great. i did this with rockgods max-d btw
  9. I use a logitech G27, 540 rotation. My rear steer is on left side like Max-d and i use 3rd and 4th gear on my h-shifter. I shift with enter and ADD on the numpad on the keyboard on my right side.
  10. Brad said it in a joking fashion. Missed half of convo, ill just take it down. Bad title too, my mistake
  11. Vanderburgh 4H show was great. Kohler and creten did a backflip. Both destroyed trucks. I walked around the haulers afterwards.
  12. It was more occupied than last year to me. Upper decks of one side were emtpy but 1 side was completely full. I really think they should print a "at your own risk" on a ticket
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