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  1. Version 1.0.0


    THE CHARIOTTT!!!!! After heavy request Derby King is here. This custom was made back around in 2018 and was inspired by Wreckfest. This is by far one of my favorite customs I've ever designed. THIS IS NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM! Theme: Enjoy
  2. Name: Colt Durham Truck: Derby King Discord: Jam Song:
  3. Another day another track. Pretty happy with this being my 2nd track. yes there's containers on the side of tampa, stay mad
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Well after many years of being on this website, I have finally taken time into learning how to make a track! (DISCLAIMER) This is my first track so it won't be perfect. A lot of time went into this track and I have a lot of people to thank. I'd personally like to thank Josh Kingma, TJ Richmond, and Aaron Lurie for giving me pointers on blender to make the track come together. Please enjoy my first track and hope everyone enjoys! Includes Freestyle Credits: Colt Durham - Track, paint, development, images and design Edy - Glendale Stadium
  5. After many years of making custom tracks on other games, I've finally made my first RoR Track and i'm pretty proud. Expect more tracks out of me in the coming future.... and a few other big things a
  6. Name: Colt Truck: Monster Energy ST2 Backup Truck Choice 1: Whiplash Backup Truck Choice 1: Brocamino Discord: You have it
    good job papa aaron
  7. Colt Durham Atlanta, GA You have it
  8. Decided to make my first track as Atlanta 2017.
  9. Decided to mess around with Sony Vegas a lil and made this for fun.
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