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  1. there is a beta made by rockcrwlr but that project has been since abandoned to my knowledge. im sure someone will get around to it eventually also make sure to put requests in the right spot please the downloads section is not meant for them
  2. same here and i have a fairly good pc so im not sure why that is
  3. i believe this is currently in the works cuase i saw a few posts of it on instagram
  4. what version of ROR are we going to be competing on because id like to participate but I don't want to update to the newest version until I get my new computer because what im playing on now is complete trash im currently on .4.8 if you wanted to know for what ever reason
  5. this is not the right thread for this type of stuff
  6. i really like how the monster logo was orientated to make it look like flames im not sure if that what your goal was but i like it
  7. its probably the longest time period for one too
  8. Just DM the creator of the truck and hope he says you can use it for this fun run
  9. If you ask the creator for permission you can use grave digger cuase no one has chosen that truck
  10. for the actual fun run not sure probably when those 3 tucks are chosen who knows
  11. so the link is broken it just says that mediafire is generating a new key
  12. Yo so I just woke up cuase I’m on the west coast
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