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  1. its probably the longest time period for one too
  2. Just DM the creator of the truck and hope he says you can use it for this fun run
  3. If you ask the creator for permission you can use grave digger cuase no one has chosen that truck
  4. for the actual fun run not sure probably when those 3 tucks are chosen who knows
  5. so the link is broken it just says that mediafire is generating a new key
  6. Yo so I just woke up cuase I’m on the west coast
  7. i was thinking the same thing cuase even though its only 7:00 where i live i know its like midnight for you east coast people
  8. ok maybe we can do a 2 wheel and freestyle practice run on some stadium track like st louis 2k19 or Hawaii custom 2k19
  9. Nvm my game keeps just crashing when I don’t spawn in a truck
  10. SO my game keeps crashing when I spawn in GD36 do you mind if I use GD fire
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