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  1. maybe I'm just being optimistic but it doesn't have to be from youtube. what if it was just uploaded on another site? one that isn't too crazy over copyright
  2. thank you for your well informed and descriptive answer no seriously what's wrong with it
  3. I'm extremely convinced that I have it. Over the past week, I have felt pains in my heart and chest, my throat is dry sometimes, I have fevers, my head hurts time to time, I have to catch my breath when I am talking to others... so yeah, not very pleasant at all.
  4. this should be in the help & support section
  5. Aw man! Guess we'll have to try again next year...
  6. Trevor Hellings King Krunch you know my discord
  7. i don't understand why we have to list our sim monsters name if they're right beside us... Discord: Helvigster#7399
  8. @Calvin Klein it says 26th and 27th so are we doing the fun run both days or just one of them
  9. thumbs up for trying to do a fun run Trevor Hellings Black Stallion 2019 (no BKT's) depending on when the fun run starts i may or may not make
  10. I think the general idea is that people have gotten older and there has been a lack of upcoming content creators to let's say "replace" the ones that got older and don't have the time to make stuff like they used to. Like @erhminer said, I think there's a lack of tutorials for people to get started with making stuff. I like @monster jam fan's track making tutorial but I haven't actually used it yet due to lack of motivation for making stuff. And this is just speculation, but maybe one of the things that's holding people back from making things (like mjfan posted above and myself) is that they wouldn't be utilized. There's lots of tracks on the site that were made just to be used for a certain league. If you spend a week's worth time (idk how long it takes to make tracks on average so we'll just say a week) making a track for a league and the league doesn't even happen (I've seen this happen before but I won't name names) or the guy who's running the league doesn't even like the track, you feel like you've wasted a lot of valuable time that you could have used on something else. Same thing if you make your own custom truck for a league and the league doesn't start. I think the community here would benefit from a "comeback" league or something. Nothing over the top, but just something to get people back into the game and to get new people interested, and maybe to get people like me who have been here for a bit but haven't really done anything. I would prefer someone who has been here for a while and knows what they're doing to run it, but that's just an idea.
  11. the point i'm trying to make is that you could have a forum and it would be meaningless
  12. 100% agree with this, which is why I think more people should be encouraged to at least try and make their own stuff although not everyone is willing to try or it may be a confusing or difficult process for them, which is also understandable
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