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  1. "buy another program" dude why though? Buying a different game isn't going to help.
  2. this is a 5 year old thread dude
  3. ... okay??? cool I guess? If you have nothing to show, why post this? This isn't Show Your Promotions, this is Show Your Projects
  4. should use the request form template tbh: unfortunately tho AFAIK no one is making a WF14 right now. there was someone doing a repaint of the track but it wasn't that great
  5. I think the Rap Attack logo looks too bright and blurry, especially on the first picture, though that might just be the reflection of the sky on the map. Looks alright tho
    Your tracks are really improving each release, nice! I think these all look great, though I think Minny 2009 could be better. The dirt textures don't look too well and the jumps look like they were just slapped onto the track, but the other 3 are cool. I would say Phoenix is the best of out the 4, I think you're too hard on yourself with Tampa, I think that looks good, as does Orlando. Very excited to see what you'll be releasing next! if more people found this unhelpful than helpful i will find each and every one of you
  6. so if you're bad you just don't drive???
    dirt texture looks too bright but I cant hold it against you tbh, good track
    good track, I dont see any problems with it
    could be a little better. there's still some 2020 Monster Jam Banners around (on the right when you exit the tunnel) my other critiques come from just the design of the track itself but I don't think that would be fair to hold you against it, so yeah
  7. @Danny Werewolf made one for TLG. you can ask him for it
  8. the double bus isn't big enough, decent track tho. good job
  9. maybe I'm just being optimistic but it doesn't have to be from youtube. what if it was just uploaded on another site? one that isn't too crazy over copyright
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