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  1. Hello all, While re-installing everything onto my eternal hard drive, I loaded rigs up to play and the controller maps from before the transfer have since been messed up, and now I need to know how to either one fix this, or just go ahead and get stuff from my config folders removed if they're causing issues, or maybe if I have to re-downloads rigs of rods all together. Please let me know what solutions you guys have for me.
  2. My take on the Scooby Doo from the 2018 Orlando show with John Gordon driving. Only one show this was known to be driven at. Still working on getting props and doing texturing work too. (Yes the front of it looks rough, ive been advised of it once or twice before)
  3. Name: James O. Discord: James O#0650 Truck: Hooked 2020 Truck Link:
  4. a few months before the 4th year anniversary of this topic and im not surprised the videos are down 😂
  5. View File Cone 21 Custom made by myself, and made for little dinky Independent shows or for any use! Mainly they're for track building in blender, but let your imagination go wild! Submitter James O. Submitted 02/06/2021 Category Track Building Items  
  6. Version 2.0.0


    This is my personal custom for the TMB Sim-Monsters event later on this year (2020). REMINDING YOU THIS IS A CLOSED CUSTOM. PLEASE ASK ME TO USE THIS IN DIFFERENT EVENTS.
  7. Name: James Orrell Discord: Dreadnaught#0650 Truck: Untitled 2020 Download Link: Theme Song: Year Debuted: 2020
  8. Name: James Orrell Truck: Swamp Thing (Backup Line-X Obsession) Hometown: Greensboro, NC Discord Name: Developed Terror (James)#0650 Years in Competition: 1.5
  9. this looks awesome. keep up the good work
  10. I hope that server tours will expand to 0.4.8 sometime in the future.
  11. I have just recently downloaded the new unstable version of Rigs of Rods 0.4.8! I am very excited to see tours going on for this new version when it comes out officially. I am also wondering what leagues are open for any older versions of the game.
  12. well i did just recently download 4.6 so...
  13. After just now deleting 4.7 and having people telling me it's dog poo, i hear this and i get so mad and confused as to why i have to try to be on both. Wtf
  14. Bad thing is i run 0.4.7
  15. Can you help me find a league i can join?
  16. When i downloaded this it had nothing but the body and the chassis. Any help or links to the things i'm missing?
  17. Is it just me or does anyone realize who his account pic is from the Trailer Park Boys? (Bubbles)

  18. James O.

    El Diablo 2014

    I dont have chassis material for my Coasta Rica version. Any help?
  19. Im having trouble getting it in my game. Can someone help? (Btw i have 0.4 and i really don't wanna install 0.37 just for this)
  20. Tried this. Wasted my time trying to find Grave Digger 29 and it ended up not working
  21. The links are not working for me per-i-ot. can you update tham anytime soon?
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