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Community Answers

  1. Has anyone made one of those little remote controlled drones? I think they would be perfect for camera operators to film in the game for events.
  2. Just became aware that this track had been released. I was gonna request it. But it looks great. Great job.
  3. I would like to second this request. This would be a great track to have for leagues.
  4. Somebody must've bought the old girl from Jesse Burgy.
  5. There's a section of the downloads page called "scrapyard". Go into the truck building parts and download every file that says anything about wheels or tires. And then put those files into your V4 pack where you put all your trucks. That's what I do and I don't usually have that problem anymore.
  6. Nevermind. I'm just gonna use .4.6.
  7. I'm not too familiar with the boards here, and I don't want to post in the wrong place. But I have an idea for something that would not only be a racing/freestyle league, but also something that would be recorded for a show on YouTube. I know some of the people here already post videos on YouTube, and I've seen some of them, but none of them really match the idea that I have. It would require a bunch of people, not just to participate in the racing and freestyle, but also to record the event, and time the racing and freestyle, and judge the freestyle, and other things. This would be a big project sort of thing. So, under which section of the boards should I post this idea?
  8. I've been using .4.5 for a while now and things were fine. I just saw that .4.7 had been released so I installed it. But when I go to play with it, there seems to be a problem where the truck has more power on one side than it does on the other. Like if I try to do donuts, for example, if I turn to the right, it seems overpowered, but if I do them to the left, it seems way underpowered. Is this a known problem? Is there maybe some option in the menu I can use to fix this?
  9. Okay. That's all I need to know then.
  10. Does it use any of those new engine sounds that are annoyingly loud? The truck looks great.
  11. But is there a better pack that I should be using? That's what I meant to ask.
  12. I'm using the .4 version of the game. Should I still be using the .38 version of the V4 truck pack? For clarification, this is the one I'm using. http://sim-monsters.com/files/file/1399-sim-monsters-v4-038-compatible/ Is that the one I should be using with the .4 version of the game? Or is there a different V4 pack I should be using?
  13. The process seems pretty simple. In the game files, under Documents, you go into the config folder and find the G27 file that should have come with the game when you installed it. You just copy and paste whats in that file into the input file and then alter the button mapping so it fits what you want it to do. You will need a diagram of which buttons are what number, and I can't even seem to find one that is actually right, so good luck there. After you've altered the button mapping, you save the input file so it keeps the changes you made, and then just start the game. I hope that's all there is to it.
  14. I don't even get it myself, but I'll try.
  15. Actually, scratch that. I got the deadzone for the gas pedal for sure, and the rear steer mapped, but everything else is still screwy.
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