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  2. This post is now ded cuz Foxborough is no longer postponed, nor is it cancelled.
  3. Just announced today, and incase you didn't see this coming here it is now, Monster Jam World finals XXI is officially CANCELLED... ....until 2021, ironically.
  4. Well, apparently Coty Saucier is unfortunately one of them
  5. After more than a decade of driving, BJ Johnson has announced his retirement from competition.
  6. Tyler Menninga is officially the Triple Threat East Series Champion and is heading to Monster Jam World Finals XXI!!!
  7. Todd LeDuc got a 5 point deduction from his series total for causing "building damage" by landing one of his tires on a container after he backflipped this past weekend in Tampa. *sigh* Oh, Feld.......what are we gonna do with you....
  8. This......IS........a review of an event that I went to last night that I'm pretty sure nobody will care about but I like to do cuz I only go to MJ twice a year! Soooo, Newark was an interesting one this year in just about every competition, so here's my review of the 7PM show last night: Racing - Right off the bat we got somethin from this. Preston couldn't get off the line at first when he raced Krysten, and they had to restart the race. Krysten ended up winning it. Other than that, just about every other race was pretty tight, with a lot of close finishes. Finals went down to Mark and Colton, in which Mark would get the crazy bull the Racing win. ATV Racing - Well, both of the first two heats saw an easy winner, them being Sipes and Colton. Krysten cut a corner in her heat, and I think she got penalized for it. In the final heat, however, that's when things got real. When the black flags began, Krysten and Preston got into a tussle on the final turn, and both were black-flagged. Final race was between the winners of the first two heats, in which Colton would come out on top. Two Wheel Skills - Just about everyone was able to pull off somethin here. Krysten went first and over-rotated a sky wheelie, landing hard on the rear end and going right wheels up. Once again this competition would be very close between Colton and Sipes, but this time around it would be Sipes who took the win.....Colton should've won tbh Donuts - Oooooh boy, this one. I found myself covering my eyes with my arm with each competitior that did their donut in front of me after Krysten caused a tiny piece of dirt to hit my right leg (I was in the front row). SIpes was unfortunately out due to mechanical problems following his TWS run. Colton wasn't able to get a cyclone in, which didn't do him any good in terms of scoring. After a lackluster first half, however, Krysten would make the comeback she needed, as she would be the winner. Speedster Racing - This was my dad's favorite, mainly because of one thing that happened. On top of each race being very tight, there was one in which a crash landing almost occurred. Mark almost landed his speedster right on top of Colton's in an attempt to make a comeback. Ultimately, he clipped it, and got karma for it by rolling in the third turn. Since that was the final round, Colton would take his second win of the night in this competition. Freestyle - As to be expected, this was easily the most interesting competition of the night. Hicks got things started with an okay run, but then came Sipes, who pulled off the only backflip of the night, as well as some huge air. Mark ended his run with a very interesting move; going reverse between the miniflip ramp and the ramp next to it, resulting in him getting massive air. Brittany got some attention from the crowd after she knocked the hood off her truck, leaving the bottom half of the mouth of Zombie sitting by itself. Krysten had a pretty good save in her run, and almost crashed into Blue Thunder, but she prevented that with a nice stoppie. Lastly, Colton would have a decent run, and knocked his hood off as well. Ultimately, the shark would take another bite out of the competition, as Sipes would take his second and last win of the night. Overall Event Champion - Colton - 41 points Final Rating - 8.863 - Definitely one of the better MJ shows I've attended, and easily the best Newark show I've attended. Now, I wait for MetLife, which will be on........idk
  9. Honestly, I approve of this new rule......mostly. On one hand, I'm very thankful it eliminates the possibility of a one-hit wonder winning Freestyle, as that near-occurrence with the run you mentioned sparked a lot of controversy, and FELD needed to ensure that doesn't happen again. On the other hand, I think 30 seconds might be a little much. I heard they made the rule 15 seconds in Arenas, which I feel is a perfect amount of time. In a stadium case, someone could have a good run going....and crash at around 25 seconds and get a 0 as a result. There also comes one major question; does a driver get no points for Freestyle if they get a 0 in their run? If so, then that's where I draw the line, because that's definitely going too far.
  10. Matt Pagliarulo and Jim Koehler took their first Stadium Overall Wins last night I am dead serious
  11. Holy smokes this season ended late. Welp, pretty sure y'all know the drill, feel free to add categories and all that. Here we go. Best New Truck - Bakugan Dragonoid Best New Paint Scheme - Every Truck that got a Team Ice variation Rookie of the Year - Nick Pagliarulo - Kraken / Heavy D - Brodozer Rising Star of the Year - Camden Murphy - Bakugan Dragonoid / Linsey Read - Scooby-Doo Save of the Year - Tom Meents - Max-D Fire - Glendale Show 2 Extreme Air - Todd LeDuc - Monster Energy - World Finals XX Crash Madness - Cynthia Gauthier - Monster Mutt Dalmatian Ice - All Star Challenge Wow Factor - John Gordon - Bad Company - St. Louis Show 2 Donut of the Year - Rosalee Ramer - Wild Flower - Anaheim Show 4 Driver to Watch in 2020 - Brandon Tulachika - Get Er Done II / Bryan Wright - Hooked Breakthrough Year - Linsey Read - Scooby-Doo Most Underrated Driver - Cole Venard - The Black Pearl Most Surprising Moment - Linsey Read winning both the Showdown and a World Title in the same year - World Finals XX Race of the Year - Bari Musawwir vs. Tyler Menninga - World Finals XX Best Trick - Diesel Dave - Brodozer - Anaheim Show 6 Best Show - The Monster Jam All Star Challenge Worst Show - Glendale Show 2 Arena Freestyle of the Year - Colton Eichelberger - Max-D - Tacoma Stadium Freestyle of the Year - Ryan Anderson - Son-Uva Digger - St. Louis Show 2 Driver of the Year - Tom Meents - Max-D Fire
  12. Lucas Oil Crusader will live to compete another year on Stadium Tour Red.
  13. The Monster Jam World Finals XX Encore Truck will be competing tonight in Minneapolis. Scott Buetow will be behind the wheel. Not sure whether to call this a weird move or a lazy move Maybe both
  14. Monster Jam has announced that it'll be extending it's contract with BKT until 2026 This may or may not be good news depending on your stance i can already hear the ig kids raging
  15. MetLife Stadium - 2015-2019 Prudential Center - 2018-2019 (Saturday night for both years) 7 Monster Jam events
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