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  1. Full Name: Vincent Akard Truck (and variation if necessary): American Guardian Hometown: Phoenix AZ Discord Name: VinnyVenom#4678 Years in Competition: 7
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Well. It's not bad. But its not perfect. Enjoy my third upload to the site! WICKED STRONG WEST COAST INDY'S DON'T GET ENOUGH ATTENTION! CREDITS: Paint - Vincent Akard Extra Help - Daniel Walker Tires - Andrew Sheets Gauges - RKM Engine, Fuel Cell, Engine Fan, and Radiator - Fern Rims - Johan Cheetah Shifter - Crazy Chassis - Kozak ENJOY!
  3. You look like a Roblox truck.
    Absolutely insane brush work done on these paints. Great work!
  4. I got the paint from Austin Spence
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Well, here is part two of the Straight Up Racing spoof pack! Curved Down Racing Pack is complete! 😉(SUR one of my favorite teams so don't take this the wrong way) Im a day late.. but.. APRIL FOOLS Yes I spoofed a spoof truck. Identity Theft who? It's all about Tax Fraud! Reverse Racer? Never heard of it! Backwards Bill? Now thats where its at! PACK 2/2 Is Complete! Feel free to request what I should make for my next project in the comments! Thank you! 😀 CREDITS: Body/Chassis - SM Community (comment correct people and ill edit) Paints - Boston Rag, Austin Spence, Vincent Akard, RORMADNESS Prop Placement - RORMADNESS Cloned GD34 - @rockgod88 Body - Harlow Chassis - Kosak Merlin Axles - @fernBurn
  6. Lets just say the V4 stage is out of the way. Spoof Pack one is on the site. Spoof Pack two is on its way. (with high quals)
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I heard someone wanted the new Cali Kid. Here you go! 2020 Cali Kid and Rockstar! 🙂 Wait a minute... HEY! that's not the new ROCKSTAR CHASSIS! and does that say Popstar?! What the heck man! Wow! thats the V4 Chassis! NO WAY! APRIL FOOLS! LET THE SPOOFING BEGIN! Well why not start up a spoof team! What a first upload! FYI I do not hate Straight Up Racing.. SUR is actually one of my favorite teams.. So why not do something kind of dumb, but fun! 1 OF 2 Packs! First Truck: Popstar Second Truck: The Zona Kid (Arizona Kid) CREDITS: Body/Chassis - V4 PACK CREATORS Zona Kid Paint - Vincent Akard Popstar Paint - RORMADNESS/Vincent Akard Tires - acdcfan56 Prop Placement - RORMADNESS Other Props - SM Community "ENJOY"
  8. Hello Everyone! This is my first ever build and paint. I spent a lot of time Hand Brushing this piece. It is near being done! I still have a lot of things to add. Please hold judgement to a minimum as I had to work around the v4 Cali Kid. Many things are being fixed such as 4 Links Etc. This will be getting released soon and I am excited to say this won't be the only thing. Thanks! Introducing the Arizona Kid! (ZONA KID) W.I.P Read Above For Concerns/Info
    Mega Truck Turned Monster. I like the vibe.
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